Another year another tech problem!

I seem to be having really bad luck with computers recently!

I’ve been feeling so good about being all ready to get my blog posts done in advance tomorrow and today was going to be the last day I was writing them on the day they go up and then I get an error message when I’m saving my images on photoshop! According to Adobe my scratch disks are corrupted, or possibly full, it can’t make up its mind at the moment. I’ve been having the scratch disc full message pop up for a week or so because it kept reverting back to the default even when I changed the drive it’s supposed to save and install to and it appears that it’s so full now that even opening photoshop is too much so I can’t even change the scratch drive destination.

Anyway, I’ve been searching the internet for a solution and it seems I may need to get a new hard drive, which is annoying as it seems the one that’s broken is the one that’s only been put in there last November. I feel a bit like hitting my head on the wall at the moment!

I will spend tomorrow trying to figure it out and I’m hoping it’s not a new hard drive as my computer was only just under guarantee last time it got fixed, now it’s definitely out of it. Any tech people out there have any ideas? I’m still a bit fuzzy with antibiotics and throat medicine so I could be missing something totally obvious! I think the next thing I’ll try is uninstall and reinstalling it but I’m not hopeful that won’t give me the same message if it’s corrupted rather than full.

Basically, I will be putting posts up but all the photos I had taken to get ahead of myself may not be useable. I’m going to have to try and hijack my parents desktop and see if I can use that maybe. Either that or it’s back to the good old iPad and I’m taking photos for ten posts all over again and have to try and make things look unused!

This is possibly a pointless post that will be going down tomorrow but I thought there might be a tiny chance someone else has had a similar problem. I’ll shut up now!

Review: Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate palette


I have heard so much about the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes, so many good reviews seem to be floating around of them that I had to get one. I was planning on saving this as a treat but I made a small order on amazon and it was the same price as in stores so it ended up in my basket alongside the book I originally made the order for. In Superdrug and on their own website it sells for £7.99, I did pay £8 for it but the extra 1p was made up for by the lack of postage or needing to make a trip to a Superdrug that actually has them in stock.

This is the I Heart Chocolate palette and is part of the I Heart Makeup range within Makeup Revolution. When I first saw these on the Superdrug website I thought that I Heart Makeup was the brand rather than Makeup Revolution, it seems like that’s the way Superdrug are selling it. I have read in so many places how this is a dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and wanted to see how good this was and if I could save myself the money of the other by just getting this.

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Enchanted Wonderland Preview Box


I’ve done a few posts about Enchanted preview boxes this year and Saturday the latest box for the collection being released on August 1st arrived so I had to do a post on it. Enchanted are a bath and body product company and the preview box is like the Fortune Cookie Soap box in that it’s released before a collection and one for each season so four in a year. These boxes contain sample sizes of the products, there’s a good range of both scents and product types in these normally and includes things like lotions, scrubs and wax melts as well as some perfume oil normally. Buying them all at the beginning of the year there was a discount but now you can only buy the last one for £22. It’s available until October 1st and is the Christmas collection.

This season’s collection is all Alice in Wonderland themed which I love and couldn’t wait to see the scents and names that would be in it. It seems to be a popular theme with a lot of companies choosing it but I don’t mind as I love the books so any variation on Alice themed things is good for me.

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Review: Sleek Makeup i-Quad – Moroccan Myrrh


I recently made a small order with Boots, mainly to get some hair lightener, and had it sent to the local Boots store. As part of the order I decided to get myself a small birthday present and as I’ve seen these i-Quads on the Sleek website I thought I’d get one when they were available somewhere that I wanted to get other products. I liked the idea of a small palette with eyeshadows and an eyeliner which would work well when travelling. They were available in three colours; Moroccan Myrrh (neutral shades with a brown eyeliner), Medusa’s Kiss (greys with a black eyeliner) and a limited edition midnight blue (blues with a dark blue eyeliner). They cost £5.99 from boots, here, or the Sleek makeup website has it here for the same price.

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