March Favourites: A Bit of Everything


I almost thought I’d skip the monthly favourites this month but when I actually thought back over what I’ve used this month I realised there are a few products that I really liked, there’s nothing actually makeup in here and I think I managed to avoid posting anything in a previous monthly favourites but quite a few of these have been things I’ve reviews in the past on this blog. If I have then I’m going to link to the full review post if you want to read more.

There were a couple of other favourites, things I’ve been watching or listening to this month that I normally include in this bit. There weren’t many things I could think of that’s new and I did want to include a Cadbury crème Egg but I may have ended up eating all twelve in the box that I bought last month, they did last longer than I thought they would though. I know I put them in my monthly favourites this time last year but they’re just so good I had to put them again. If you haven’t had them they’re basically a small Cadbury chocolate egg with a very sweet white goo in the middle and a yellow bit that looks like a yolk, they’re sweet and sticky and it’s very hard to just eat one of them.

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Review: Treaclemoon Those Lemonade Days and Warm Apple Pie Hugs Shower Gels


I posted about these in my recent Tesco purchases post but I wanted to do a proper review as soon as possible as the one, Warm Apple Pie Hugs, is a limited edition and I have no idea how long their limited editions last. I love apple and lemon scents and as these were on offer I decided to buy them as I did like the two previous Treaclemoon shower gels I had. All the Treaclemoon products I’ve tried are not tested on animals, as far as I know that’s across the brand.

These are available on the Tesco website as well as in stores, Those Lemonade Days can be found here and Warm Apple Pie Hugs is here. The 500ml bottles of shower gel are normally £2.99 but are £1.99 in the offer, even at full price they’re a lot less expensive than other shower gels I use and I think you get more than you pay for from them. You could try looking on the Treaclemoon website, here, but I think the limited edition one they have on there is from a couple of years ago and is actually permanent now so I don’t think they’re updating it much.

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Recent Purchases: Tesco and Teapigs


I may have ended up buying more than I planned when we went to Tesco. I started out with a list and most of these things were on it but I did get a couple of extras. My Tea Pigs order arrived this morning, it was what I originally planned on posting today but I thought as I got some other bits when we went shopping I’d put them both together in one big recent purchases post.

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Review: Treaclemoon One Ginger Morning and Sweet Blackberry Memories shower gels


This is a company that I’ve read good things about but the Tesco near me seems to only have coconut and vanilla scented products when I’ve remembered to look at them so when I had the chance to try these two scents I had to get them. The ‘sweet blackberry memories’ scent is limited edition but I think the ‘one ginger morning’ shower gel is a permanent product and there are others in the range. At the moment these are on offer at Tesco so they’re 2 for £4, they normally cost £2.99 each so even at full price they’re good value for 500ml of shower gel. They don’t have many on their website so I suggest going in store to see what they have near you, Treaclemoon’s own website is still showing a limited edition from 2012 so I’m not sure how often it gets updated, it’s here if you want to check it out though as I think the permanent range is still the same.

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