Debenhams Beauty Discovery Box

Debenhams Beauty Discovery Box title image. Behind the text is a photo of the drawer style box open with the products inside it.

I do love a good beauty box, they can be a great way to try new products in a way that’s larger than the tiny samples you get for free. Debenhams have a Beauty Discovery Box, with seven travel sized products in it, for £35. At the moment there is an offer where if you buy a beauty of fragrance product then it’s half price. I can’t find anywhere that says that it’s got a minimum spend and I spent just over £20 and got the offer.

The seven products included cover hair, skin and makeup and include products from Too Faced, Kat Von D, Clarins, Clinique, Smashbox, Murad and Aveda. I have to say that the Too Faced mascara and the Smashbox primer are the two that I wanted the most, and pretty much cover the cost of the box at half price, but I am looking forward to trying the others. As with any of these beauty box posts I do, this is pretty much first impressions, unless I’ve already used the product in the past, and I’ll add up the total of what everything would be worth separately to see if it’s worth the money.

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A Bit of a Declutter



Or maybe a better title would be ‘Why I Shouldn’t Keep Things Too Long.’ I’ve had a look through my collection and realised that some I used to love have gone beyond when they should be used, others are simply products I never really got on with but kept ‘just in case’ or free gift with purchases that I already had better versions of but kept anyway.

I’ve been working through my stash and using some of the ones that have fallen through the cracks or ones I haven’t used recently to decide which I’ll keep and which I’ll get rid of. At the end of the month there probably will be more joining these decluttered products but I wanted to do this as a separate post as otherwise that end of the month one will be way too long, plus these are ones I just don’t think I want to even try for the whole month before I get rid of them.

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Makeup I’ve used in July



I’m not really sure what to call this, everything I come up with either seems too long or doesn’t fit. It’s sort of a mix of favourites, decluttering and a bit of a look into parts of my collection even I don’t look at very often. After my last declutter, I think it was around March, I decided to start getting out makeup at the beginning of each month and putting it in my dresser to see which products I would actually use rather than thinking I will or things I keep that have seen better days.

This month I haven’t really gone much beyond my standard makeup so it’s just eyeshadow palettes but I’m hoping in the future there will be a bigger range. In this heat trying new things and older products isn’t very fair as everything just melts off my face anyway!

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Decluttering Eye Products


I have to admit I wasn’t entirely sure what to call this decluttering post as it sort of covers a lot of different eye products, basically anything that isn’t eyeshadow or eyeliner. I included my two concealer palettes in here because I only really used them as under eye concealers, though they could probably have gone in a face products post as well. As with my previous decluttering posts I’ll link to any posts I’ve done to review these products and link to any of the ones I really liked.

When I was going through my makeup products I realised I have so many unopened, unused mascaras in there so I could probably have actually got rid of a few more, I just do like to at least try one kind of mascara before I get rid of it. It feels like every one of those spend X amount or buy this many products sets seems to come with a mascara so I hardly ever actually buy any myself.

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De-Cluttering My Makeup


I’m pretty good when it comes to not buying too much makeup or body products, I might have quite a lot of loose pigments from Shiro Cosmetics and eyeshadows palettes but I’m going through my makeup collection every so often to make sure it doesn’t build up. I always make sure that all of my makeup will fit inside one drawer and all of my perfume and nail varnishes fit inside another. I know I have more than I need but I like collecting the makeup and I don’t go over the top with most things.

This week as I haven’t been feeling good I decided to get the couple of tray things I keep my makeup in and sort through them, does anyone else find that clearing things out and sorting through things makes you feel more refreshed? Other than a few things, which I will say as I go along, I am not actually throwing these things out, they’re going to be offered to people and some of them possibly put on eBay in a while when I’ve got some more things from my room when I sort it better.

I have recently ended up watching a lot of decluttering videos on YouTube as well so I think that inspired me a bit. Like with a lot of those YouTubers I watch most of these things I am getting rid of because I have dupes that I prefer or that I have simply not used them in so long or I like them but they aren’t me. I’ll stop giving an explanation and get on with it.

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Review: Too Faced Matte Eye Palette


Another palette review today, the first Too Faced palette I bought was the Matte Eye Palette and I got it back when they were sold in Boots with my points. It’s still available on their own site for £26 (£13 in the 50% sale) which I think is less than I paid for it back then. I think it’s one of the few that’s still being sold in the old packaging, using the card rather than the tins that they’ve started using on more recent palettes.

Like all of these smaller Too Faced palettes it has nine eyeshadows, three larger ones with 2g of product that are good for an all over base and six 0.9g eyeshadows that can give you a range of looks. It’s arranged into three different rows with colours that work together for a day, classic or fashion look and there are cards in the lid that have instructions for each of them. As the name suggests these are all matte which is a nice idea but I’m not sure how well these pure matte palettes work for pigmentation and a range of looks.

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Review: Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Eyeshadow Palette


It’s been a while since I did a review of one of my palettes, I’ll try to do one a week at least as I have a few I want to write about. This week it’s about the Boudoir Eyes palette from Too Faced, it’s the only one of their palettes I have in the new version with the metal palette and I really like this design. Sorry about the lighting in the photos, apparently the weather at the moment in the UK doesn’t want me to get any natural light, but I have got the colours as true to life as possible on my screen.

The idea behind this palette is to have soft and sexy colours, they’re all pretty neutral and there’s a mix of mattes, shimmers or satins and one with proper glitter in it. As with all of these style palettes they have nine eyeshadows, three of them are 2g each and the other six are a smaller 0.9g each. I originally got this from Boots but apparently they don’t stock Too Faced any more, though it’s available on Debenhams for £23.20 in the sale and on their own site for £26.00.

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