Advent day 19


A few days ago when I posted about the Baylis and Harding sweet mandarin and grapefruit moisturiser I said I’d like it more as a shower gel and that’s what I got today. (To read my post about the moisturiser go here.) After smelling today’s gel I have to agree with what I said back then as it’s a lot less herbal and just smells of a sweet citrus scent with a tiny hint of orange blossom to me. The scent is pretty subtle, especially for a citrus gel, which is nice but does mean it disappears quickly after using it and it doesn’t linger on my skin beyond around quarter of an hour to half an hour.

This gel is fairly thick and lathers very well, it doesn’t create many bubbles when run under a tap so I don’t think it’d work that well as a bubble bath but as a shower gel it works well and doesn’t dry out my skin. The bottle says this gel is paraben free so if this is something you look for in gels then this might be a brand to look at, I think the other shower gels in the classic range of scents are also paraben free.

Overall this is another product I like and will enjoy using, I’m not sure it’s one I would buy again though like with the moisturiser I can’t find it on it’s own beyond places like eBay and amazon. I don’t know if this is a product that will come back in full size  after Christmas as it’s one of their classic scents, I would expect it to and their range is available in a range of high street stores in the UK.

Advent day 16

Sorry about the pictures in this one, the sun was so bright today it was hard not to get some reflection. Today’s product was a 30ml tube of Baylis and Harding body lotion in the scent ‘sweet mandarin and grapefruit’. I’ve tried their products before, though I’ve mainly smelled them when mum got given them as gifts, they’re normally good quality and to me seem like a fairly luxury brand, though this may be due to us only getting them in presents, so I was happy to get this. I’m not sure if the scent is the same for everyone who bought the advent calendar as on the back of the calendar itself it just says body lotion without any scent in the title.

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