What I Have in My Travel Makeup Bag


I did a post about the things I took in my makeup bag for travel over a year ago but I thought I’d do another after going away last week. Some of the things I didn’t use but it’s going to be the same things I’m taking away for family meetups and things in the lead up to Christmas so it seemed like a good time to post one anyway. I’m not normally too bad at packing light when it comes to makeup but I was surprised when I unpacked it all how much I took this time. I tend to go for taking only a few kinds of products but a range of colours in them.

I think that most of these things I’ve posted a review for so I’ll link it if I have so there’s a more in depth post on them and proper swatches if you’re interested in them. Almost everything is still available in stores, I think only the eyeliners might be hard to find but I haven’t found any that I like as much, I am on the lookout for a nice soft bronzey or gold colour if anyone has any suggestions though.

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Review: Shiro Cosmetics Three Years of the Oscar Status of Leo DiCaprio



For the past three years Shiro Cosmetics has released Leo DiCaprio and Oscar themed eyeshadows though the previous years they were only available for a month as a monthly colour. This year, however, all three have been released in one mii set where you can follow the years of no Oscars and the year when he finally won one. I hope they carry on with this series next year, not sure what they’d call it but anyway.

These three eyeshadows; No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio, Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio and Finally and Oscar for Leo DiCaprio are available in the Three Years of the Oscar Status of Leo DiCaprio set for $18 on their website. One good thing about them, if you’re in the UK, is that I’ve made quite a few orders over the past few years and I have never been hit by a customs charge, though it is worth bearing in mind in case you do that with other companies it’s tended to be around the £20 mark. These three eyeshadows are all very sparkly but in a neutral palette so they can work as adding a little extra to a neutral look.

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May Favourites: Nails, Music and Makeup


I think this may be the most things I’ve included in a monthly favourites but they’re things I’ve been loving and have almost finished a couple of them. Unfortunately my laptop screen is not working very well, it just jumps around a lot whenever I use my computer for more than ten minutes so I’ll be trying to sort that out but at the moment I’m writing this on my phone with photos taken on the iPad so sorry if the picture quality isn’t great.

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