NOTD: Mermaid Nails

I’m surprised how much I missed doing nail art when I started doing this. I’ve been watching quite a bit if Mermaid Gossip over on YouTube while I was tidying so decided to go for mermaid nails. It’s very similar to the ones I did last year in this post so I won’t go into detail on how I did it but I love the finished nails. It’s not been the best weather wise but these are so bright and summery and I’m hoping the Red Carpet Manicure gel will help my nails grow.

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Nails of the Week: Patches


I don’t think I’ve done a post about nail art before and as I was pretty happy with how this turned out I thought I’d do a post on it. I’m not sure how Nails of the Week will work as a title, partly because these often last a couple of weeks, but I don’t do them often enough to do a nails of the day type post so it’s a work in progress title. The idea is from an old BubzBeauty video on YouTube which you can find here but instead if just normal nail varnishes I used a combination of gel and nail art pens. I have tried mixing them before but I didn’t get the right technique or combination and now I have I will definitely be using it more. This post is probably more about the combination of products used than the design but I will be doing future posts on my own designs and ideas, I just wanted to start with one I know works consistently.

I really like this look as it’s one that’s surprisingly easy when it comes to application and I’ve managed it even when my hands are fairly shaky with pretty good results. It’s amazing the difference adding the black outlines makes when it comes to that step. If you use gel and want to do nail art, even a different pattern, but it’s failed in the past it might be the best way to try it. This is done with a combination of Red Carpet Manicure gel nail varnishes and some Rio nail art pens I have had for years.

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Review: Red Carpet Manicure Gel Nail Varnishes and spring nails


I’ve done reviews of a few other Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polishes but these colours are so pretty and such a good price for the four I had to get it from QVC when I saw it. QVC in the UK had an offer on a lot of beauty products recently as they had a beauty weekend I think though the offers are still going. This set can be found here and costs £35.50. When these normally cost £14 each it means you save £17 so basically you get one free.

Three of these four have been on my wish list for a while and they’re great spring colours so it was fun playing around with them and some nail art stickers I had from a models own set I bought a year or two ago.

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