August Empties: My First Empties Post


I realise I don’t really do empties posts, that’s mainly because most months I either forget to take photos of my empties (I may have done that with a couple of things this month too) or I just don’t finish off enough product sin a month to be worth doing the post. Most of the products I buy tend to last a long time and they get finished in dribs and drabs but this month it ended up that I finished quite a few things in one go so thought I’d do one. I do like reading these from other people, seeing what people actually would repurchase sometimes helps me decide if it’s a product that I’ on the fence about.

I was planning on combining my monthly favourites with the empties post but it got so long I’m doing it in two, I think the monthly favourites will be on Monday. There are some things in this post that I forgot to photograph, I’m not used to doing these posts. Maybe in the future I’ll keep all my empties and just do them when I get enough to be worth posting rather than setting it as a monthly thing. Anyway, here’s what I finished off this month and whether I’d repurchase them in the future and why. There are a couple of sample products in here but most of them are full sized.

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Review: Lush Valentine’s Day 2016 and Kitchen


I think almost all of my Lush orders end up being this time of year with the Valentine’s, Mother’s Day and Easter products as I tend to like the scents they come out with in the ranges. This time there were a couple of the Kitchen products I wanted too so I got them as well. They were the Happy Blooming Jelly and the Happy soap. The Kitchen makes products, a different one each day of the week, and these are only available in small batches so they run out quickly. These are either old products that have been discontinued or sometimes exclusives like perfumes, Oxford Street Store products or products that are going to be released in the future.

The Valentine’s Day range doesn’t really have a theme scent wise, at least that I can tell, and some are old scents returning from previous years. I only ordered four things from the range as they were the ones that appealed to me the most. The ones I chose were Prince Charming shower cream, Roses all the Way soap, The Kiss lip gloss and the Unicorn Horn bubble bar. All of the products that I bought in the valentine’s Day range are vegan friendly. The remaining two are a lip scrub in the same scent as the lip gloss and the Lover Lamp bath bomb that has a chocolate orange scent which I am not really a fan of in bath products.

As far as I know these products are going to be available until Valentine’s Day, that’s the way they normally work but if something goes out of stock close to Valentine’s Day I think in the past they haven’t restocked them. Other times there have been limited edition products a while after they’ve been discontinued.

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Old vs New: Comforter Shower Gel vs The Comforter Shower Cream from Lush


Another old vs new from Lush, though the old version has never been a permanent product. Throughout the years that I’ve been buying Lush, and before, they have done various shower gels with the scent of the Comforter bubble bar. This particular bottle I’m using as a comparison was from a recent Kitchen batch but when I bought it I compared it to an old bottle I had and it smelled pretty much the same so I’d say it’s a pretty good representation of any of their forum special shower gels with this scent.

I can’t remember the exact price of the shower gel, I think it was £10.95 as that’s a pretty standard price for the Lush Kitchen shower gels in the 250g bottles. The shower cream version is a permanent product and available in four different sizes; 100g (£4.95), 250g (£9.75), 500g (£16.50) and a big 1kg bottle (£27.95) so the bigger the bottle the better value you get. I’ve had some of the bigger bottle break in the past so be careful if you get one of them. Both of these versions are suitable for vegans and cruelty free as well which is always good. This can be found in their stores, I think it’s in all of them but not sure outside the UK, and online here.

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Recent Purchases: Lush


I made an order on Monday from the Lush website after seeing the Halloween and Christmas products were online. Other than the recent Oxford Street products I tried I haven’t actually bought from Lush since last December, I always get drawn in by the Halloween and Christmas products and it’s the same this year. A few of the things I got are in the permanent line so I’ll mark which are from which collection as they disappear from shops at different times. This is sort of a first impressions post as I’m planning on doing proper reviews or comparisons for the new versions of older products that I’ve bought.

The Halloween and Christmas collections were released on October 2nd and the Halloween ones will probably end up being out of stock before Halloween going by past experience. There are sometimes products that hang around for a while, I think the Calacas scented soap was around in February in some shops, but I have found that some go out of stock in the lead up to Halloween and Lush haven’t restocked them if it’s close to the date. The Christmas ones are around until Christmas though I think these also may go out of stock if it’s within a few days of Christmas as they try not to produce too much so they don’t have to have much in sales afterwards. If they say out of stock now though both of these collections are likely to be back in stock, the Nightwing jelly went out of stock which made me delay my order until it was back as it was one of the things I wanted the most.

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First Impressions: Lush Oxford Street Products


I said in my June favourites post that Lush is not my favourite brand, I agree with their stance on animal cruelty but certain other things have put me off them the past few years. I have, however been watching all the information on the newest products and got quite excited about them though was disappointed that I couldn’t get to the new Lush store in Oxford Street to try them. On the Lush forum a lovely member said she was going to go there and asked if anyone wanted to buy anything so I ended up getting some bits that she kindly sent to me. I did also get some samples but at the moment I am unable to actually open the pots so can’t really comment on them, when I do get them open I might do a mini review thing then. I may have also been looking eBay and put some bids on things that weren’t really over what you’d pay for them with postage and didn’t think I’d win any, in the end I won three of the lots which was a nice surprise and I got combined postage for them so this post is sort of a combination of the two recent purchases in one.

This post is just a first impressions, if there are any of these products you want me to do a full review of first then ask and I’ll try them before the others.

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