Blogmas 2019, Days 16-20: The Last Minute Christmas Panic has Started!

Oops, that should be 20 not 21!

I guess most people do this, but I started this years Christmas preparations feeling very organised. I knew what I was getting people, I even started ordering things in September, but somehow I was still Christmas shopping today! How does this always happen? Next year I’m starting in June!

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Blogmas 2018: Day 9!

An image of a decorated mantle piece.My lips seem to get chapped and dry throughout the year, so today’s Holland and Barrett product is definitely welcome, especially as they get worse in the winter. The Funko Pop figures for today adds to the Weasley family. I like how they’ve included Ginny in here as she’s a fairly main character but seems to be sort of forgotten in a lot of Harry Potter licensed products.

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Advent 2015: Day 8

Today’s M&S present is from a brand I haven’t heard of before, it’s the Pure Natural Beauty Super Grape Day Cream and is a 30ml tube so there’s quite a few uses from it. I always like it when they make these skin care samples big enough to get more than a week’s worth out of them as it takes a while for skin to adjust to something new. I’m looking forward to trying this properly as a little goes a long way. The Yankee Candle tea light today is another Christmas Memories one which it am happy with as I do like the smell.

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