My Travel Makeup Bag: Short Summer Break


I did a post like this a couple of years ago and have meant to do it since but they sort of fell below other posts and, since I’ve just come back from a couple of nights in Wales, I thought this was the perfect timing for an updated summer version. I really like reading these by other people, seeing what they choose to take and it gives me ideas in case I’ve forgotten something so I hope you guys like this post. It’s also interesting, to me anyway, when I was writing this to see how it compared to the same sort of things I was taking when I wrote the last one.

I have been known to take more than I need makeup wise, three palettes for two nights may be slightly over the top, so I tried to pack light and think I succeeded. As it’s summer time, or supposed to be, my makeup routine is quite different to a few months ago. The main difference is the foundation stage and this group of products has actually become my go to easy look for the past couple of weeks anyway so I guess it’s part my travel bag and part just my everyday look. I think I’ve actually reviewed most of these products so if I have I’ll try to link them.

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February Favourites: Makeup and Music


Quite a few of my favourites this month are things I’ve used before but have started to use more again because of the change in my skin. I was taken off my medication and changed to a topical solution so it’s taking a while to settle down, if it does, and there’s a few products that give more coverage then I’ve used in the past. I am on the lookout for a good moisturiser with SPF my skin gets on with so of anyone has any suggestions, preferably SPF 20 or higher I’m going to be trying some in the near future.

I’ll put the few TV shows I’ve been loving as well, I seem to do this every month. I have seen the new X Files and I know its not far in but I do really like it, will be interesting to see where it goes. I watched quite a few if the old ones over the past ten years when they were on in the middle if the day and I didn’t have anything to do and I really liked then, I’m going to watch some of them again from the beginning I think. NCIS is always a favourite for me and I watch it with my parents, this season is still good though there have been some weaker episodes. It’s always a bit odd watching these so much later than in the USA, the Halloween episode was only a couple of weeks ago. We started watching this late as we recorded it on Sky+ which is why it’s in February rather than earlier. Also loved Vera and Midsomer Murders, a couple of good UK detective shows though Midsomer Murders must be running out of people to kill in those small villages!

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Travelling Light: the makeup I took on my weekend away


I will admit that I’m one of those people that isn’t great at packing light when it comes to makeup, which is weird when I do pretty well with everything else really. I normally end up with my makeup bag, a palette and then the little extras I keep in my bag. This time I decided I was going to try to get everything to fit into the small brush holder travel bag that came with my old EcoTools set and I managed it… almost. I did have the mini palette I keep in my bag and the lip butter that’s in there so I kind of cheated but I think I did pretty well anyway.

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Advent day 9


Today’s product is one made exclusively for Tesco, the Pro Formula ‘purifying thermal face mask’ in a 15ml sachet. I’ve already tried and loved their BB cream so looking forward to using this later in the week. One of the main reasons I love their products is that they do not react with my skin which is often sensitive to face skin care products and also they’re animal friendly.

When I opened the packet the first thing I noticed was the colour, I’m not sure why but I was expecting it to be green or a darker colour at least but it’s a pale pink. Please excuse my red hand in the photos, it happens a lot in the winter though the iPad camera has emphasised it, the face mask is true to colour in the photos. It’s the consistency of a thick cream and seems to apply very easily and fairly evenly over my skin. It also smells really nice, it’s a light scent that reminds me of cucumber based face products I’ve used in the past and for some reason there’s a hint of something that reminds me of feet hair removal cream. I don’t know what it is but it’s a nice fresh, almost floral scent to me and one I definitely won’t mind having on my face for 5 minutes.

I haven’t actually used the product on my face but have tried it on the back of my hand. I’m not sure if I didn’t put it on thickly enough or if I’m just not sensitive to it but I couldn’t actually feel the heating action it says I should feel on the back of the sachet. It did start to dry after a while but still remained slightly tacky rather than going solid like some face masks do. I did see a visible difference in the patch after I used it though I couldn’t get a good photograph, the skin appeared more matte and smoother, filling out the pattern on my skin on the back of my hand. I’ll wait and see how well it works on my face when I try it but it did surprise me to see such a result on my hand so I’m hoping it’ll be similar on my face.

It suggests that you use this product twice a week though I think the sachet probably only contains enough for one use, I’m hoping to get two out of it but I won’t spread it on thinner just to achieve this if it means the product won’t work. So far the signs seem positive and it’s a nice product to get in the advent calendar. If it works on my face and I can find a larger size pack I might buy a replacement as their prices are always pretty good with other products I’ve seen. I’m hoping the reason they’re just doing sachets at the moment is it’s a new product or they’re selling bigger packs in store, I don’t think I’d buy a lot of sachets to use it on a regular basis.

This only appears to be available in the 15ml sachet size on the Tesco website, I’ll have to have a look for it in other sizes in store next time I go into one that stocks this range. They cost £1 each and can be found here.