Summer Haul Part 2: A Bit of Everything – Boots, Matalan, Primark and TK Maxx

With our holiday a week away there were some bits I needed to get and some finishing touches I had planned for my room over a year ago now that I hadn’t bought so I decided to finish off both in one go. There’s a mix of home, beauty and fashion from TK Maxx, Matalan, Boots and Primark so there really is a bit of everything in this haul, or maybe that should be hauls.

All this holiday shopping has definitely got me feeling summery, even if it’s cold and wet here in the UK at the moment!

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Review: Pokemon Planters


A while ago I saw a video and twitter posts about these plant pots from Hannah in the Yogscast and really wanted them. They’re more than I’d normally pay for plant pots but they’re so cute and I have plants that I think will look really good in them. These Pokemon Planters are of Bulbasaur and Oddish, they’re the only two Pokemon they do which is why I got them but they’re ones that will look great with plants growing out of them.

Both of these are available from various shops on Etsy though the one I bought these from is the best looking to me, this is the Madarakis store page. Most of them still have the step effect of the 3D printing process and they seem to be more matte than these are. These are smooth and have a shiny finish which I prefer. They’re available in three sizes each; classic, mega and giga and I got the Bulbasaur in giga and the Oddish is mega. If you do want to get one of these I’d recommend getting a ruler and checking the measurements as they do come smaller than I expected when I did this but they are a nice size for smaller succulents and cacti. They’re made with ABS plastic which means they’ll survive the sunlight which is very good for a planter for cacti and succulents considering how much the ones I want to put in them like it on windowsills.

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