Ireland Road Trip Part 2: Dingle Peninsula

First post from my new computer! This may take some getting used to so sorry if there are any really obvious typos that I’ve managed to miss! Also feel like I should add a photo heavy warning, not sure if that’s needed any more but there’s quite a few and they’re big.


The second part of the Ireland road trip mini series, if you can call three posts a mini series, is on the Dingle Peninsula which is the most Westerly point in Ireland. This is one of those areas in Ireland where the main draw is the scenery, apparently if you go in the summer there are a lot of tour buses and it’s best to drive around it clockwise as the roads do get very small and you don’t really want to have to reverse back to a passing point, especially on the more mountainous areas, when you come across a bus travelling in the opposite direction.

We did the Slea Head Drive, or Slea Head Loop, it seems to have a few names, which is a ring route around the tip of the peninsula. You do have to go through Dingle first to get to it, there’s a point where no matter which route you’ve taken to get to the end of the peninsula it goes through Dingle because of the mountains, so we did stop off there and have a bit of a wander round despite the rain. We didn’t do this but I would recommend going to the hotel or B&B you’re staying at, if it’s in Dingle, first as we did it after the ring route and they gave us a map of the area when we booked in.

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ME, Myself and I: Photography

I think a lot of my recent ME related posts seem to have been different hobbies and things like that and I was planning on doing just a big generalise hobby post but these individual ones end up being long enough for posts themselves so I thought it’s best to have a few shorter ones rather than one big one with a wall of text as I know they can be energy draining and harder to read.

I think I’ve always like photography and, even when I was younger, I’ve normally taken photos of places and things rather than people so my holiday snaps end up being the landscapes and buildings. I never really thought of it as a hobby though until I got ill as it became one of those things that I can do even when I’m really tired. It also doesn’t need a fancy camera or equipment, most people have a camera or, recently, a phone with a camera in it and you can take a photo of almost anything.

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