July Favourites: More beauty stuff and a game


This may seem another odd combination, though most of them are beauty products this time so it’s slightly less of an odd combination than some in the past. I have posted about a few of them before but I not in my favourites and I’m a bit late on finding a few of them as I know they’ve been favourites for others for a while. The Soap and Glory perfume is one I bought a couple of years ago and loved then but sort of stopped using and rediscovered, I love it when that happens.

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Review: OPI When Froggy Met Piggy


In my recent purchases I said I bought this When Froggy Met Piggy set of two OPI nail varnishes in TK Maxx. I’ve recently been loving my rose gold jewellery and the glitter in this has a very rose gold look which caught my eye. I did buy the mini five set that they released when the Muppets Most Wanted collection was released though it didn’t have Gaining Mole-mentum in. I am a big fan of the Muppets so this was one of the OPI collections that I really wanted to like though there weren’t really any in that set that impressed me but glitters tend to be a safe bet as opacity isn’t a problem as it’s just bits of glitter in a clear base.

The two nail varnishes in this set are called Kermit Me to Speak and Gaining Mole-mentum. I do love the names of the OPI varnishes, I like how they’re normally puns and still within the theme though they don’t always have anything to do with the colour of varnish. This set was £9.99 in TK Maxx, though I can’t find it on their website there are quite a few other duos when you search OPI. There was at least one other Muppets one in the store and a few of the other pairs, mainly the ones with the tints or gems in them and a few of the pale shades pairs too.

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Recent Purchases: TK Maxx and Yours


Today was one of those days where I went into town shopping just to wander round as something to do after having an appointment and not planning on buying anything, maybe a new top coat as mine has got to the point where I have to hold the bottle upside down and wait for it to drip onto the brush or some flat slip on shoes as I always try to find ones that fit my feet if I go anywhere with shops in the summer. I did get the top coat but ended up with others I really didn’t plan on getting.

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Review: OPI Coca-Cola and Gwen Stefani gift sets

opi1I recently made an order from asos.com and bought a couple of the OPI winter 2014 gift sets; the Coca Cola ‘Icons of happiness’ set and the Gwen Stefani ‘Rollin’ in cashmere’ nail effects trio set. These are both available on other sites, I know they’re on amazon and John Lewis but as there was a 20% student discount at the time asos had the best price for me.


The Gwen Stefani set has three full sized varnishes in; rollin’ in cashmere (gold), snow globetrotter (white and iridescent glitter in various sizes) and comet in the sky (black and iridescent glitter). The rollin’ in cashmere varnish to me looks like opi6a gold foil effect with a bit of shimmer in it which gives it a bit of extra sparkle, a great Christmas colour and one I’ll use all year round. It appears to be fairly thin though it does give quite good coverage. Snow globetrotter has a variety of sizes in both white and iridescent glitter which work really well together and go with the snow theme. It was originally bought to replace an old one that I finished and it turned out as a nice surprise that it has the white glitter in as well as the iridescent. I didn’t realise it had but it definitely stands out more as a top coat with it included than a purely iridescent glitter top coat. Comet in the sky is my favourite out of the three, it’s just so different from any other top coat I have. The black glitter with a hint of smaller iridescent pieces in it stands out a lot on the gold that comes in the set and it’s definitely a colour I’ll be wearing the rest of the year with a bright colour underneath. It’s a great contrast top coat for brighter colours.op12 Both of these top coats have a good amount of glitter though I did have to have a bit of a poke around with the brush to get much on with snow globetrooter and it was more of a case of placing the glitter, comet in the sky didn’t have that problem and it doesn’t seem to have settled in the bottle like the other has. This set sells for £29.95 on asos but the price seems to vary site to site.

I used snow globetrotter as a top coat for this look with a couple of layers of iced frappe by Ciate from last year’s advent calendar. I used the Nails Inc caviar top coat and it smoothed the edges with the glitter. SO far no catches but it’s only been a couple of days, the glitter seemed to set pretty well in the colour I used beneath it though.


The Coca Cola collection also has three full sized varnishes in; Coca-Cola red (red), turn on the haute light (silver) and a grape affair (dark purple). The stand out colour for me in this set is the silver, it caught my eye straight away even with the bright red next to it. The silver is another varnish that has a foil like finish to me but quite a bit of shimmer to it which make it more reflective and stand out more than the gold in the other set. It was quite hard to get a photo of this opi5to show the colour how it actually looks as it kept reflecting any light in the room. The Coca-Cola red is a standard bright red varnish, it goes on well and I think it would only take two coats to get a good finish. I’ve found in the past reds seem to take three coats quite often and can be a bit streaky though this may just be the brands I’ve tried but this one is smooth and fairly opaque considering how thin it appears. A grape affair is a lot darker than I expected it to be seeing it in the bottle. The photograph is true to life in colour and I really like this one as purple varnishes are a bit of a weakness for me and this is different to any others I have at the moment. The formula for this is like the red and nice and smooth and easy to use. This set also sells for £29.95 on asos at the moment.

Although I do love the colours in both of the sets I think the Gwen Stefani set stands out as the top coats are so easy to wear on any colour and they’re different to anything I have at the moment. I really like the finish of the two creamier varnishes in the Coca-Cola set and they’re nice colours but they’re colours that I would like to own anyway and as they were in the Coca-Cola collection released earlier in the year people may already have them. The ‘rollin’ in cashmere’ set includes colours that are a bit more unusual and snow globetrotter especially is a nice wintery colour that would work as an icy look throughout the cold months even if you didn’t want to wear it in the summer. If you only want to buy one nail varnish then I would recommend either snow globetrotter or comet in the sky depending on whether you prefer black or white as the contrasting colour for a top coat.