A Couple of Offers and My Mini Yumi Direct Order

I realised I don’t really do many blog posts like this, almost all of my posts so far have been reviews. As there are a couple of offer type things I found that I’m going to use I thought I’d share them as a bit of something different. Also, having been home alone with the dog and having to get up early my brain is a big foggy and I’m exhausted so I don’t think I’d be up to a proper review.

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May favourites: A bit of everything (again)


I love reading people’s monthly favourites, seeing what they actually use and like as everyday products and things. I’ve ended up with another mix of lots of things in mine, I like a lot of things and have found new products or rediscovered ones I’d forgotten or not used in a while from a few different kinds of product outside of beauty as well so it’s a bit like last month with a bit of everything in there. Maybe I should keep that as part of the title every time, or would that be a bit repetitive? Anyway, here’s the products I’ve loved, I’m not sure where you can find some of them online so I’m going to link the things I can find.

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