A Bit of a Declutter



Or maybe a better title would be ‘Why I Shouldn’t Keep Things Too Long.’ I’ve had a look through my collection and realised that some I used to love have gone beyond when they should be used, others are simply products I never really got on with but kept ‘just in case’ or free gift with purchases that I already had better versions of but kept anyway.

I’ve been working through my stash and using some of the ones that have fallen through the cracks or ones I haven’t used recently to decide which I’ll keep and which I’ll get rid of. At the end of the month there probably will be more joining these decluttered products but I wanted to do this as a separate post as otherwise that end of the month one will be way too long, plus these are ones I just don’t think I want to even try for the whole month before I get rid of them.

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Review: MUA Undress Me Too Palette


On Friday I did a review of the MUA Undressed palette, you can find that post here if you want to read it, as I’m going through my eyeshadow palettes and reviewing some of the ones that are still available. This time it’s the Undress Me Too, another palette from MUA, and I think this one is meant to be a pretty good dupe for the Naked 2 palette, I don’t have that to make a comparison but it’s worth googling if you want to see the colours side by side.

This palette is a few years old, and I think I’ve had it almost as long, and I remember seeing a lot of posts about it at the time but I haven’t really seen much on MUA palettes in general recently. I think maybe Makeup Revolution seems to have become the current favourite when it comes to budget beauty brands so I thought I’d go back and revisit this palette and see if it’s as good as I remember it being.

This palette is at the lower end of budget brands when it comes to price, it’s only £4 in Superdrug and on their site, and you get twelve eyeshadows in a mix of mattes and shimmers. They’re all neutral shades and you get three mattes with the rest being shimmers and a couple maybe being considered metallic.

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Review: MUA Undressed Palette


After going through my makeup collection and realising exactly how many eyeshadow palettes I have I’m going through some of the ones I’ve had for a while and doing reviews on the ones that are still available. When I started writing this I realised that I seem to have lost some of the photos I took before so some do have a bit of a different background. I think it’s just when my computer had that mini melt down and then fixed itself, at least I’m hoping that’s what it was.

I know that a few years ago MUA was one of the big names in budget makeup, it seems to have fallen a bit to the side with Makeup Revolution and Freedom being talked about more recently. When the Undressed and Undress Me Too palettes came out I think they were pretty much considered dupes of the Naked 1 and 2 palettes, I’m not sure how close they are as I don’t have either of the Urban Decay ones but I have used the MUA ones quite a bit.

This is the first of the two posts and is on the original Undressed palette. It has twelve eyeshadows in a mix of shimmers and mattes, though only two of them are mattes and I think maybe two of the shimmers could be metallics. All of the colours are neutrals and it has a couple of darker greys and black based colours to use with them. It’s a pretty cheap palette at £4 and I remember it used to get rave reviews but I haven’t seen many people post about the brand in general recently. They are cruelty free and I’ve only seen them on the Superdrug site or in stores in the UK, I’m not sure if anywhere else stocks them.

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De-Cluttering My Makeup


I’m pretty good when it comes to not buying too much makeup or body products, I might have quite a lot of loose pigments from Shiro Cosmetics and eyeshadows palettes but I’m going through my makeup collection every so often to make sure it doesn’t build up. I always make sure that all of my makeup will fit inside one drawer and all of my perfume and nail varnishes fit inside another. I know I have more than I need but I like collecting the makeup and I don’t go over the top with most things.

This week as I haven’t been feeling good I decided to get the couple of tray things I keep my makeup in and sort through them, does anyone else find that clearing things out and sorting through things makes you feel more refreshed? Other than a few things, which I will say as I go along, I am not actually throwing these things out, they’re going to be offered to people and some of them possibly put on eBay in a while when I’ve got some more things from my room when I sort it better.

I have recently ended up watching a lot of decluttering videos on YouTube as well so I think that inspired me a bit. Like with a lot of those YouTubers I watch most of these things I am getting rid of because I have dupes that I prefer or that I have simply not used them in so long or I like them but they aren’t me. I’ll stop giving an explanation and get on with it.

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Review: MUA Mega Volume Mascara in Waterproof Black


For some reason I find it very hard to find a mascara that works for me, that gives a finish that I want without clumps or too much volume so they stick together that last well. I probably have expectations that are too high or I don’t want what a lot of other people do. At the moment I have about six mascaras I want to review, some from Christmas that I haven’t really tried and others that are my current favourites so I thought I’d try some of the untried ones to see what they’re like.

This is the MUA Mega Volume mascara in black waterproof, I got it in the summer Capital FM box from Latest in Beauty though it wasn’t one of the reasons I bought the box. It says it’s in the Make Up Academy Professionals range within MUA, though I’m not sure about the difference between this and normal MUA. I have liked the MUA palettes I own so I was happy enough with this, especially going by the price of the range. In Superdrug they don’t have this waterproof version but the normal one is £3.00. I thought if it works well then this costs less than a quarter of my current favourite waterproof. I have found it on the MUA website too, it says the waterproof is available but I can’t see it on there, it also says they cost £3.00.

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Review: MUA Poptastic Eyeshadow Palette


I got this palette in my Latest in Beauty Capital FM box that I posted about on Monday and I ended up playing around with it a bit in the week to see what the colours were like so I decided my first review from there would be on this as I think it looks like it has some good summer colours and the bright pink especially stood out to me. This palette is available from Superdrug and their own website and costs £4 which is a pretty good price for a palette with twelve eyeshadows in it.

I’ve used a few MUA products before, two of my go to palettes are their Naked dupes that everyone was reviewing and posting about a while ago and I’ve been impressed with the pigmentation on a lot of them so wanted to see how these brighter colours would compare as sometimes the bright colours can lack the pigmentation of the more natural or sparklier colours I’ve found with some companies. Continue reading “Review: MUA Poptastic Eyeshadow Palette”

Latest in Beauty: Capital FM Best of Summer Beauty Box


I’m not subscribed to any beauty boxes for two main reasons; I don’t want to pay for things I won’t use and I know that I’ll just end up with the samples piling up and some not getting used. I love that with the Latest in Beauty boxes you don’t have either problem, you can see exactly what you’re getting, there are a few variations on colour or product but it warns you on the website if that’s the case. Also as it’s not a monthly subscription you buy a one off box then you only buy them when you want. I’ve bought a couple before and posted about them, I think all three have been worth the money and are great if you like to try new products as the sample sizes are pretty decent most of the time. I think I’ve only had one or two that were one use or less apart from the products that would be single use anyway.

These boxes normally cost between £15 and £20 and contain full size as well as sample or mini travel products. This box cost £17.95 and can be found here on their website.

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