Review: Nanoblocks Bulbasaur and How They Compare to Loz Diamond Blocks

Bulbasaur Nanoblocks title image. Behind the text is a photo of the Bulbasaur model built with the spare pieces left over

I recently bought two of the three starter Pokémon from Loz Diamond Blocks and when I saw the original Nanoblocks version of Bulbasaur on the Plaza Japan site I had to add him to my order. I’ve wondered what the difference would be between the two brands and it seemed like the perfect chance to compare the two. As far as I know Nanoblocks are the originals and a lot of their designs have been made in the Loz range.

The main difference between the two, in the past anyway, was the price and how hard it is to get a lot of the Nanoblocks sets here in the UK from a trusted seller. The Plaza Japan prices aren’t all that different to the Loz blocks here in the UK but then you will probably get hit by customs so that’s something to consider if you wanted to order any of their Nanoblocks range, they do have a lot of them to choose from though.

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Review: Loz Diamond Blocks Squirtle and Charmander

Loz Diamond Blocks models of a Squirtle and Charmander next to each otherI’ve always loved mini things and I love Lego so of course I had to get some mini Lego style blocks at some point. I’ve got the Piza set from Nanoblocks and have seen the Loz Diamond Blocks sets around but always thought they would be poor quality compared to them. After spending ages trying to find a reasonably priced Pokemon set of definitely genuine Nanoblocks I gave up and my curiosity got the better of me so I bought these two sets on Amazon when I was making a Black Friday order.

I did plan on getting Bulbasaur too but he wasn’t fulfilled by Amazon and the postage was as much as the set so he’ll have to wait. But I did get a Squirtle and a Charmander. These were both £6 and a quick search will find a lot of places selling them so take your pick, though apparently there are even fake Loz bricks out there.

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Review: Nanoblock Torre di Pisa Set


I’ve always loved Lego and then a few years ago I found out about Nanoblocks and wanted to give them a go. I really like miniature things so combining this with the Lego idea just really appealed to me. I did find that a lot of the ones that I liked are quite expensive to get in the UK so I have spent some time searching on eBay and losing a lot of auctions before I got the Pisa set. I may also have a few that are probably unofficial ones of Pokemon and other game characters that I want to get, probably there will be a big haul of just them at some point.

This Nanoblocks set is number NBH_030, I think anyway, and is the Torre di Pisa which I think is part of a world monuments style series as there are a few others in the same series that are of famous tourist destinations. I don’t know the number of pieces but it’s within the 200-550 pieces range which are meant to take 20-60 minutes.

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