Review: OPI Tickle My France-y and Chasing Rainbows


I realised that I made a post about a couple of the nail varnishes I bought from Sally’s recently and mentioned others but didn’t actually post about them. As one of them has become a favourite of mine I felt like I should finally make a post on the two OPI polishes I bought. I’m not sure how much these will cost in different stores, we got the discount because mum’s hairdresser told us to mention him. They cost £5 each, though I think they’re sold at full price in their stores at £9.95 which is still less than I’ve found them on other sites in the UK. I can’t get the website to work for me for some reason to check their pricing but I’ve seen these two at £12.95 on other sites or out of stock.

The two colours that I bought were Tickle My France-y, a really nice nude, and Chasing Rainbows which is a really pretty multi-coloured glitter wish different sizes and colours mixed in there. I’ve wanted a proper multi-coloured glitter for a while and have also been looking out for a good nude that suits my skin tone as a lot of the really light ‘nude’ colours look like they’d match but just make me look washed out.

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Review: Red Carpet Manicure Gel Varnishes in Publicity Stunt, Sands of Time and Matte Top Coat

Throughout advent I am going to try and get two posts out every week day, the advent one which is a sort of mini review or first impressions for the products I get in the advent calendars and the post that would normally go out on that day too. The weekends will be just the advent calendar posts as I don’t normally do anything else on the weekends at the moment.


This is probably the third or fourth review I’ve done on Red Caret Manicure gel nail varnish products and I do really like the finish they give. I have never seen their matte nail varnish before and I also bought a couple of others to replace ones from other brands that just didn’t work with my UV light.

These are all nail varnishes that need a UV light to set and they’re supposed to last two weeks. The colour nail varnishes; Publicity Stunt and Sands of Time are both £13 and the Mattify top coat is £15 in Marks and Spencer. I think in general this is around the same price as in others as I know when I’ve bought them off Asos it’s been around £14 for the colour nail varnishes.

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Recent Purchases: Marks and Spencer

Another recent purchases post so close to the last, I did say there would be a few. I haven’t finished Dracula yet which is the book I’m reading so I think that’ll be next week for the book review on Thursday, so much for my read a book a week challenge.


The main reason I made this Marks and Spencer order was to get the beauty advent calendar, which is unfortunately not available any more. I was awake at about 3am and I decided to check on it, the next time I looked at 1pm they were out of stock so they were very limited. I guess the fact it was £200 or £25 if you spent £25 on M&S beauty was too good a deal to pass for a lot of people. The other things I bought I was wanting for a while but I held off so I could get something I needed in the £25 rather than getting things just to make up the money. However I have managed to lose one already, I have no idea how, but I’ll put the photo from the M&S website on there instead of my photo and will definitely review it when I find it again.


A better view of just the Red Carpet Manicure products


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April Favourites: A bit of everything


This is another post that’s going up later than I intended (though it does mean I’m posting every day this week, this feels rather odd and too organised of me!) as I meant to post this on May 1st as it’d be the right time for an April’s favourites really. I love reading these from other people, though I’ve not got round to doing any for this blog before now so I thought I’d start one, it’s always interesting to see the things people really use as well as review, at least that’s what I think.

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