#NOTD: Cute Pastel Unicorn Nails


I had to take this with these shoes, they fit the nail colours too perfectly not to


This nail look isn’t exactly fresh but I had fun doing it so I wanted to share it with you guys, and I kind of love the final effect so will definitely be doing this more with other pigments too. I’ve had some sample sizes of loose eyeshadow pigments hanging around for year without getting any use so I thought I’d see if they worked for nail art, it’s not like I had anything to lose as I was probably going to get rid of them somehow.

I decided to go for a multicoloured pastel mix of colours for most of the nails with some added nail art with white, that was supposed to look like sparkle and stars but kind of failed, and a pearly unicorn on each of the thumbs. I’m happy with how this has turned out and think I’ll be going for the pastel multicoloured nails for a family wedding coming up, just worth knowing that they don’t necessarily last that long so I’ll be doing them a day or two before rather than a while in advance.

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Review: Some Things from the Marauders, Mugwumps and Muggles Collection from Shiro Cosmetics with Bonus Sugar Plum Harry


I recently bought some things from Shiro Cosmetics, an indie brand that sells makeup with a geeky theme to it. One of the collections available at the moment is the Marauders, Mugwumps and Muggles Collection inspired by Harry Potter. This includes a bronzer, highlighter, lip products and loose eyeshadows. At the moment there’s also a limited run of another Harry Potter themed eyeshadow in Sugar Plum Harry which was first available last December so I’m including that in here too, though it’s not part of the collection.

In the order I bought the two lip glosses and the Sugar Plum Harry, the other three products were free samples but as they belong in the collection I thought I’d review them as well as there is enough in these small bags to use them a few times. The lip glosses are Shiro Cosmetics Every Flavour Lip Gloss, a gloss that has different flavours depending on the batch, and Felix Felicis, a gold glitter. The two eyeshadows from the collection are That’s Chess and Metamorphmagus and the final product from the collection I have is the bronzer in Milk Chocolate Frog.

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Review: Shiro Cosmetics Three Years of the Oscar Status of Leo DiCaprio



For the past three years Shiro Cosmetics has released Leo DiCaprio and Oscar themed eyeshadows though the previous years they were only available for a month as a monthly colour. This year, however, all three have been released in one mii set where you can follow the years of no Oscars and the year when he finally won one. I hope they carry on with this series next year, not sure what they’d call it but anyway.

These three eyeshadows; No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio, Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio and Finally and Oscar for Leo DiCaprio are available in the Three Years of the Oscar Status of Leo DiCaprio set for $18 on their website. One good thing about them, if you’re in the UK, is that I’ve made quite a few orders over the past few years and I have never been hit by a customs charge, though it is worth bearing in mind in case you do that with other companies it’s tended to be around the £20 mark. These three eyeshadows are all very sparkly but in a neutral palette so they can work as adding a little extra to a neutral look.

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De-Cluttering My Makeup


I’m pretty good when it comes to not buying too much makeup or body products, I might have quite a lot of loose pigments from Shiro Cosmetics and eyeshadows palettes but I’m going through my makeup collection every so often to make sure it doesn’t build up. I always make sure that all of my makeup will fit inside one drawer and all of my perfume and nail varnishes fit inside another. I know I have more than I need but I like collecting the makeup and I don’t go over the top with most things.

This week as I haven’t been feeling good I decided to get the couple of tray things I keep my makeup in and sort through them, does anyone else find that clearing things out and sorting through things makes you feel more refreshed? Other than a few things, which I will say as I go along, I am not actually throwing these things out, they’re going to be offered to people and some of them possibly put on eBay in a while when I’ve got some more things from my room when I sort it better.

I have recently ended up watching a lot of decluttering videos on YouTube as well so I think that inspired me a bit. Like with a lot of those YouTubers I watch most of these things I am getting rid of because I have dupes that I prefer or that I have simply not used them in so long or I like them but they aren’t me. I’ll stop giving an explanation and get on with it.

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Review: Shiro Cosmetics Randomly Generated Collection (or part of it)


I was originally planning this post to be done when I bought the rest of the Randomly Generated collection from Shiro Cosmetics as I wanted it all in one place but I realised that it would probably be a huge post and also the cube shaped pots I have are no longer sold so this seemed as good a point as any to split the two halves. I’ve been buying these in twos and threes alongside other orders I’ve done over the past 18 months and have nine of the fifteen in the collection. I will admit that part of the reason for starting the collection for me was the art work on the cube shaped pots as the side art is just amazing, the art itself can be found here and I think I might be a little bit annoyed at myself for not getting the one with all the Jack O’lanterns.

I did a post a while ago about the Avengers inspired Earths Mightiest Heroes collection from Shiro Cosmetics where I said how much I love their products. Some of my favourite loose pigments I own are from this collection based on the game Minecraft, all of the names within it are puns and names of things in the Minecraft world or phrases that have come from it such as Diggy Diggy Hole. If you don’t play Minecraft they may seem a little odd but the colours are just as beautiful even if the names don’t make as much sense. The collection can be found here, the full size jars (2g) are $6 each, the mini jars (1g) $3.50 and the sample sizes are $1. It’s also available as a full collection where you get a discount and it costs $13.50, $47.25 or $81.

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Review: Shiro Cosmetics – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Collection


Shiro Cosmetics are an indie makeup brand from America who make loose pigments, lip products and some pressed powders if you’re lucky enough to get them when they’re in stock. I’m a big fan of the colours as all of the ones I’ve tried so far have consistently good pigment, last well and do not crease especially when used with a primer, which I always do. All of their own products are based around nerdy themes like movies, games and TV shows though there are quite a range of Nicolas Cage themed products (I kind of want the whole lip gloss range and the loose pigment).

Another thing I love about Shiro Cosmetics, besides the product itself, is the artwork on the containers. There are different artists for the different collections and if you buy the full size in them then some of the newer collections have individual art for each colour. Also in every order I’ve made so far I’ve had samples, recently these have mainly been from one of the other brands they sell on their store but often there are a few and they are a good range of colours and a good size sample as well which lasts quite a while.

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