Decluttering Eye Products


I have to admit I wasn’t entirely sure what to call this decluttering post as it sort of covers a lot of different eye products, basically anything that isn’t eyeshadow or eyeliner. I included my two concealer palettes in here because I only really used them as under eye concealers, though they could probably have gone in a face products post as well. As with my previous decluttering posts I’ll link to any posts I’ve done to review these products and link to any of the ones I really liked.

When I was going through my makeup products I realised I have so many unopened, unused mascaras in there so I could probably have actually got rid of a few more, I just do like to at least try one kind of mascara before I get rid of it. It feels like every one of those spend X amount or buy this many products sets seems to come with a mascara so I hardly ever actually buy any myself.

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Review: No7 Intense Volume Mascara in Black


I’ve done a few mascara reviews on the blog before yet I still have more that I either haven’t tried or haven’t reviewed. I am steadily going through my samples to see which I might get a full sized one as my full sized mascara is almost at the point I need to get a new one so seeing if there’s another I might get instead. This post is about the No7 Intense Volume mascara, which I got in a gift set at Christmas. I can’t remember if it was one of those spend X amount and get a free gift or the set I got in the sales but it’s a mini mascara because of this. This mascara claims to improve volume while also giving great definition for your lashes so I’m giving it a go with both one and two layers and seeing how well it lasts.

This is the original black version of the mascara though it’s also available in brown and navy and costs £9.95 for the full sized version, which in past experience is probably around twice the size of this one. It’s also available in brown and black in a waterproof version that also costs £9.95, the main difference in the packaging is a blue ring near the lid but I haven’t seen the waterproof one in stores anywhere.

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