Review: Sleek Makeup 3AM Eyeshadow Palette

The Sleek Makeup 3AM Palette title image. Behind the text is a photo of the palette open leaning on the card sleeve

This is the 3AM i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette from Sleek Makeup, a palette with twelve mineral based eyeshadows in multiple finishes. There’s metallic shadows, shimmers, mattes and one that could be a duochrome. It costs £8.99 so it’s definitely at the budget end of the scale and I will always be tempted by any of their new releases as they can be so good.

The 3AM palette looked like the perfect combination of two separate colour palettes, there are six that I would say come under the warm browns and coppers and six that come under the more reddy browns and maroon type colours. This would make it the perfect palette for travel as you could have so many different looks with some mattes in there for a more natural look too.

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Review: Sleek Makeup All Night Long i-Divine Palette


Today is sort of a second part of the new Sleek Makeup releases with the All Night Long palette, the darker of the two palettes released this time. I did a post yesterday for the A New Day palette which can be found here and I’m going to do a post on four of the new VIP lips on Friday. Both of the palettes released are fairly neutral, they each have some different colours like metallic look shades along with mattes, the Day themed palette has mainly lighter colours whereas this one has more of the darker colours in it and more shimmery shades.

As with all Sleek i-Divine palettes it has 12 eyeshadow shades, this palette has two mattes and ten shimmers though three appear almost metallic and two are less shimmery than the others. It costs £7.99 and can be found on the Sleek website, the Boots website (in a 2 for £10 offer) and the Superdrug website (in a buy one get one half price offer) but I’m not sure how many stores have them as I find often new Sleek palettes take a while and sort of trickle in to the stores near me.

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Review: Sleek Makeup A New Day i-Divine Palette


I was making an order on the Boots website recently and thought I’d check out the Sleek Makeup section, there are a couple of the older palettes I’ve wanted when they’re on an offer so I tend to do that. When I did I saw that there were two new palettes and some new lip products, I bought both of the palettes and four of the new VIP lips colours. I’m going to review the A New Day palette today, the All Night Long palette tomorrow (click here for that post) and see if I can get my lips in good enough condition to do the lipsticks on Friday so check back if you want to read my reviews of them too.

The A New Day palette is a fairly neutral palate though it does have some brighter colours they’re within that neutral range and most of them are fairly light so great for a daytime look. As with all of the Sleek i-Diving palettes there are twelve eyeshadows in there, this one has six shimmers, five mattes and one that is somewhere in between, it’s slightly shimmery but not that much. The colours in this palette are more warm toned, I think there’s only one that I might class as a cooler toned colour but then I’m not that sure with it. This palette costs £7.99 and can be found on their own site, the Boots website (currently out of stock but in a 2 for £10) or the Superdrug websites (in a buy one get one half price offer at the moment).

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