Book Review: Five on Brexit Island


Title: Five on Brexit Island

Author: Bruno Vincent

Year written: 2016

Publisher and year: Quercus, 2016

ISBN Number: 978-1-78648-384-3

I think I first heard of this book on a livestreams the Yogscast did in December and wanted to get it since then so, as I was already making a Paperchase order, it ended up in my bag. It’s £7.99 from Paperchase (though I found it for under £4 on Amazon) and a hardback which surprised me as most of the Famous Five books I grew up with are paperback. It’s the latest in the Famous Five for grown ups series, at least I’ve seen it called that even if it’s not the official name, and it’s Five on Brexit Island by Bruno Vincent.

I’m not sure how much of a thing the Famous Five, or Enid Blyton in general, is outside of the UK and if it’s even something that people still read here but I grew up reading them. It’s a very British series of books, I think Enid Blyton books are in general, where four children and their dog Timmy go for adventures. I think they’re fairly tame by today’s standards for adventure stories, they’re set in the fifties I think or maybe the sixties, and they always seem to find a friendly farmer who gives them free food and drink. One of them, a girl called George has an island off the coast of England, the kind with a nice ruin and plenty of secret tunnels and caves for adventure, which is where this story is set.

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Book Review: The QI Book of the Dead By John Lloyd and John Mitchinson

bookofthedead3Title: The QI Book of the Dead

Author: John Lloyd and John Mitchinson

Year written: 2009

Publisher and year: Faber and Faber Ltd., 2010

ISBN Number: 978-0-571-24491-1

I have a few QI books and they’re good books to pick up and read a bit or to learn some unusual facts about whatever topic is in the book. This one has various chapters with themes about people in history. Most of them are famous, I’d heard of a lot of them, but then there are some that are more obscure and you’re not likely to need to know about them at any point in your life apart from maybe a pub quiz or to throw into a conversation.

This edition is in paperback, I have never seen the hardback version but apparently it was released a year earlier. This paperback version is one I bought on eBay as part of a lot of QI books and probably cost around £1 if I worked it out but it’s one I’ve seen in second hand book stores, though QI books in general seem to be appearing in charity or second hand stores less recently that I’ve seen.

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