DIY Beauty: Avocado, Banana and Coconut Oil Hair Mask

diy-beauty-avocado-banana-coconut-oil-hair-mask-2After the success of the face mask I posted about last week I wanted to try something else avocado based and a hair mask seemed like it’d be easy and I do find that good hair masks make a difference to my hair. This recipe used three ingredients, all of them I already had, and you can find the full recipe and instructions here if you want to give it a go.

The banana, avocado and coconut oil all have individual properties that help your hair. They should help with moisture, repairing damaged hair or strengthening your hair so it’s a bit of an all round hair mask that I think would suit any hair type and give it a bit of a boost.

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Advent 2015: Day 17

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Today’s Yankee Candle is another Snowflake Cookie tea light, which may not be burned as it is not my favourite and a very sweet bakery scent. The Marks and Spencer gift today was a 50ml tube of Swell Ultimate Volume Masque, though this isn’t a brand I’ve heard if before. It’s quite helpful on the tube as it has instructions for different hair lengths and how much to do for super soft hair or damaged/coloured hair which is nice so there’s no guesswork. I will definitely be giving this a go though it isn’t for my hair type, they’re definitely going for volumising when it comes to hair products  which I guess is a safe choice and goes with the trend of adding volume that seems to have been popular recently.

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Review: Superdrug Coconut Oil


I bought this coconut oil a couple of months ago now I think but I wanted to give the three ways it recommends you try it a go and review it on all three. I’m always a bit wary of those miracle products that seem to appear every so often, the kind that does everything you want and works every time if you believe the adverts and it seems all the beauty YouTubers rave about it. That’s probably why I’ve taken so long to buy any coconut oil. I eventually got some as I was doing a Superdrug order and it wasn’t a bad price, £2.29 for the 125ml tub seems good to me.

If you want to try this Superdrug version of coconut oil then you can find it here. It’s the same product, I think it has the same ingredients but new packaging, at least it’s the same lot of reviews. You know you’ve taken a while to review a product when they change the packaging. I think I prefer the new look of it, though it doesn’t make any difference to the product inside it’s just a less clinical or ‘value product line’ looking label to me.

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Advent day 15

Today’s door had three sample size products in it, two sachets of Royal Moroccan serum treatment and one of Royal Moroccan hair mask treatment. These are small sample sachets and I think would only contain the amount for one use though the mask may not have enough as my hair is very thick. The back of the calendar does say it should have one shampoo instead if one of the serums but I think I prefer it this way as I like the shampoo I use now as it’s a toning one and my hair is blonde and I like argan oil serums.

These both contain argan oil and the serum smells of coconut, I was expecting it to smell of roses or floral scents as this seems to be the most popular scent for argon oil products I’ve tried in the past. The scent is nice enough but smells like any other coconut product, this always reminds me of sun cream and summer. The mask smells more like I’d expect, a sweet floral scent that is pretty strong and there’s definitely something in there which reminds me of incense. I like this scent and hope a hint of it lasts after the product gets washed off.

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