The Body Shop Haul: Some New Products and Christmas Gift Sets



It feels so early but a lot of stores are releasing their Christmas products. As I was planning on trying a few of the Body Shop’s new products I saw these two sets and wanted to give the new Christmas scents a try. This year they’re releasing a range of products in Berry Bon Bon (mixed berry sweets), Peppermint Candy Cane (sweet mint) and Vanilla Marshmallow (sweet vanilla, which didn’t appeal to me) and these sacks looked like they’d give a nice range of product types to try as well as meaning I now have some great travel sized products. I was quite good and resisted the advent calendars, for now anyway. I really want the £45 one but I would probably end up with too many advent calendars and no money if I got all the ones I want this year!

Some of the other products I chose are ones I’ve either wanted to try for a while or have just found out about and couldn’t resist. I’ve sort of fallen in and out of love with the Body Shop products over the years as they can be a bit of a single note scent and them being owned by L’Oreal, but their ginger shampoo is amazing and I’m always drawn in by the Christmas scents so I wanted to try them early this year rather than leaving it to the sales and missing out because I don’t know what they smell like.

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Review: Treaclemoon One Ginger Morning and Sweet Blackberry Memories shower gels


This is a company that I’ve read good things about but the Tesco near me seems to only have coconut and vanilla scented products when I’ve remembered to look at them so when I had the chance to try these two scents I had to get them. The ‘sweet blackberry memories’ scent is limited edition but I think the ‘one ginger morning’ shower gel is a permanent product and there are others in the range. At the moment these are on offer at Tesco so they’re 2 for £4, they normally cost £2.99 each so even at full price they’re good value for 500ml of shower gel. They don’t have many on their website so I suggest going in store to see what they have near you, Treaclemoon’s own website is still showing a limited edition from 2012 so I’m not sure how often it gets updated, it’s here if you want to check it out though as I think the permanent range is still the same.

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