Review: Color Club Holographic Gel Polish in Eternal Beauty

Over the past few years, since getting the first gel manicure set, I have been on the look out for gel nail varnishes that work as well as the Red Carpet Manicure ones. I should probably have given up by now but I saw the Color Club Halo Hues Holographic Polishes in the Rainbow Connection site and there was a site wide sale code at the time so I decided to go for one. I am a sucker for good holographic nails and Eternal Beauty has a gorgeous pale purple as the base colour.

I don’t know how easy Color Club are to get outside of the UK but I don’t know many places to stock it here, it seems to be an American company so maybe you guys in America will find it easier. On the Rainbow Connection website they have the holographic ones and the bottles are £16, though as they’re 15ml this isn’t a bad price for a gel colour.
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Boxing Day Sale Haul: Rainbow Connection

I didn’t buy much from the Boxing Day sales but I did make an order from Rainbow Connection, a site that sells indie nail polishes and nail art supplies in the UK. Not all of it is here, a few of the stamper plates haven’t got here yet, but as most of it arrived I thought I’d do a post on it. I will be reviewing pretty much all of this at some point anyway so I’ll post the rest of the stamping plates then. 

For the last few years I’ve been planning on trying nail stamping, it always looks so good when other people do it and I love how intricate the designs can be even if my hands are shaky. Most of my order was for this; a nail stamper set that was on offer, some plates, a couple of nail varnishes sold for stamping and then a few extras that caught my eye. I am yet to find a good gel nail varnish company that works for me apart from Red Carpet Manicure and I love holographic nails so I bought one of the Color Club gel nail varnishes as well as a couple of non gels that were in the destashing or old stock section from Organic Farm. I hadn’t heard of them before but apparently they’re from Korea and hard to get in the UK, so even if I love them I’m not sure how easily I could get more from them but these colours are so pretty.
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Nails of the Week: Mermaid Nails

A photo posted by Rhiannon (@thoughtfulpigeon) on Aug 26, 2016 at 9:15am PDT

I’m loving doing nail art at the moment and trying the different brands and tools to see which work best to do what with. I recently used the Zircon gel varnish from Red Carpet Manicure as it’s such a pretty, sparkly turquoise it just screamed summer to me so I wanted to use it while the sun is still out here in the UK, we’re having a s­urprisingly sunny summer where I live. After a few days of just this I decided to have a go at some mermaid themed nail art using two of the summer Models Own Soft Pop collection; Lilac Flush and Sugar Rush as I really like the purple and turquoise combination plus blue just goes with anything beach or water themed for me.

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Review: Red Carpet Manicure Gel Nail Varnishes in Garnet, An Evening to Remember, Put a Slipper On It and A Matter of Prince-iple


On my recent visit to Sally’s I got four gel nail varnishes from Red Carpet Manicure. I’ve recently started to grow my gel varnishes collection as I’ve been using it more so I went for some that I didn’t think I had anything like or like ones I had in a normal nail varnish but wanted a gel version. Later in the post I have done a dupe for each of the three I have similar colours to but the one is definitely unique in my nail varnish collection.

Two of the gel varnishes are in the permanent range, as far as I know, being An Evening to Remember (516) and Garnet (276) from the more sparkly collection based on precious stones and these cost around £10 – £12 I think. The two from the Cinderella collection seem to be sold out pretty much everywhere but they were in the reductions area. They did have stickers saying they were £7.87 but when we got to the till it was ££2.86 so I doubt there are any left but if there are in one near you then they’re worth getting. The two I chose were A Matter of Prince-iple (293) and Put a Slipper On It (289) though I do wish I’d bought a few more.

I can’t link to any of them because I can’t seem to get the Sally’s website to work for me, maybe it’s my browser but it keeps saying there’s an error, this is the link for the website in general though so you can go and see what they have online if you search Red Carpet Manicure. Both Asos and Marks and Spencer also sell RCM things though so they might be a good place to look and compare prices for individual colours.

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Review: Red Carpet Manicure Red Carpet Ready Headliner and Walk of Fame Gel Varnishes (Red Carpet Ready Starter Kit Part 2)


I did the first part of this review last Monday about the light and the extras you get in the Red Carpet Manicure new set, the Red Carpet Ready Starter Kit, so if you want to read about them you can find it here. I was definitely impressed and happy with that part of the set and that was the main reason for getting it for me so these nail varnishes were just a bonus I was hoping I’d like.

These two nail varnishes came in the set from QVC though if you buy the set now on the RCM site only Headliner, the red crème, is included, Walk of Fame, the more golden shimmer, isn’t an option though I think it’s available separately, I can’t find it at the moment on there but there are similar ones. The idea of this range is to have all of the steps in a gel manicure in their old version, the base, colour and top coat, in one product so you have two layers of this and you’re good to go. I really like this idea and was hoping it would work, though I did see a lot of review on the QVC site at the time saying this new version was rubbish and that they preferred the old one. I still hoped I’d like it, maybe my nails would work when there’s hadn’t, so I gave it a go with both colours. If you just want to see what I think of the set overall the scroll to the bottom.

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Reviews: Sensationail Sugar Plum and Taupe Tulips gel varnishes and a couple of dupes


A couple of weeks ago I posted about the things I bought in Boots, there were two Sensationail gel nail varnishes in it that I was really excited to try with my gel kit from Christmas so I thought I’d do a post about them and a couple of almost dupes I found in my normal nail varnish collection. These nail varnishes are for use with an LED lamp and cost £15 each, though at the moment online there’s a 3 for 2 offer on Sensationail. I’m not sure why but going through the normal links doesn’t work for me, this search does show the complete range of nail varnishes they sell on Boots.

Taupe Tulips is a light neutral colour that seems perfect for any time of year though especially in the Spring or summer as it’s slightly lighter than a lot of the neutral or nude colours I’ve seen out. It’s a great match for me as my skin is pale, for people with darker skin it might appear quite light. The Sugar Plum colour is a dark purple, definitely a really nice plum colour that I will wear a lot. It’s the sort of colour that appears a lot in the Autumn and Winter collections but I like similar colours all year round as they go with so many things.

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Review: Red Carpet Manicure 3 weeks later and removal


Three weeks ago I wrote a review of the Red Carpet Manicure gel manicure starter set and one of the duo sets of gel nail varnish, you can read this original review here. Two days ago I decided to remove the varnish after over three weeks and see how easy it really was.

Overall the wear and look of the nails was above what I actually expected after the three weeks, definitely think the two weeks advertised should be achievable for most people as I wasn’t exactly careful not to break them and wanted to see how they survived everyday tasks. They passed the bath test, where many normal varnishes fail for me, multiple times, survived opening boxes and being nipped a few times by an overly curious gerbil.

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Review: Red Carpet Manicure gel polish starter kit and Touch of Bling gel varnish duo

gelset1For Christmas one of my big presents was the Red Carpet Manicure gel polish starter kit and one of the nail polish duos they sell on their site with ‘9 inch heels’ and ‘sapphire and ice’. The set sells for £65 and the duos are £24.95 on their site which you can look around here.T here is a pro set with a more powerful LED light that was sold for £89.95 at the time but it didn’t include some of the other things this one did so adding those on would have put the price up even more.

gelset9I’ve been looking at gel kits for the past year as I love doing my nails and trying different colours but it never seems to last that well on me, a week is the top really and by then it’s starting to chip and some colours this really doesn’t look good. I’ve never had my nails done professionally as I don’t have that much energy with M.E. and I sort of feel like if I can do something at home and get a result I like then it wouldn’t be worth the money to me personally. However I have always liked the idea of gel nails so this at home kit seemed like a perfect match. As there are a few out there at the moment I read various reviews and this one seemed to fit with price and the final result. I also got a set of two other colours so I could have a bit of a range to try, I don’t wear red that much so the purple and blue in the set appealed to me and the colours I often choose. Continue reading “Review: Red Carpet Manicure gel polish starter kit and Touch of Bling gel varnish duo”