My Travel Makeup Bag: Short Summer Break


I did a post like this a couple of years ago and have meant to do it since but they sort of fell below other posts and, since I’ve just come back from a couple of nights in Wales, I thought this was the perfect timing for an updated summer version. I really like reading these by other people, seeing what they choose to take and it gives me ideas in case I’ve forgotten something so I hope you guys like this post. It’s also interesting, to me anyway, when I was writing this to see how it compared to the same sort of things I was taking when I wrote the last one.

I have been known to take more than I need makeup wise, three palettes for two nights may be slightly over the top, so I tried to pack light and think I succeeded. As it’s summer time, or supposed to be, my makeup routine is quite different to a few months ago. The main difference is the foundation stage and this group of products has actually become my go to easy look for the past couple of weeks anyway so I guess it’s part my travel bag and part just my everyday look. I think I’ve actually reviewed most of these products so if I have I’ll try to link them.

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Decluttering Eye Products


I have to admit I wasn’t entirely sure what to call this decluttering post as it sort of covers a lot of different eye products, basically anything that isn’t eyeshadow or eyeliner. I included my two concealer palettes in here because I only really used them as under eye concealers, though they could probably have gone in a face products post as well. As with my previous decluttering posts I’ll link to any posts I’ve done to review these products and link to any of the ones I really liked.

When I was going through my makeup products I realised I have so many unopened, unused mascaras in there so I could probably have actually got rid of a few more, I just do like to at least try one kind of mascara before I get rid of it. It feels like every one of those spend X amount or buy this many products sets seems to come with a mascara so I hardly ever actually buy any myself.

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Review: Sleek Makeup CC Cream


This summer both mum and my sister were using CC creams, I’d always wanted to try one but didn’t want to spend a lot on one and thought I’d stick with a brand I know so I ended up buying this Sleek CC cream. I chose fair as I’m pale and their BB cream was a good match for my pale skin so I thought this seemed like a good one to try as a first CC cream. I know CC and BB creams tend to be a bit more blendable and adapt to your skin colour but I’ve still found that some seem rather dark when I use them.

This costs £8.99 for 25ml so it’s not the cheapest but it’s still in the drugstore category for me as it’s under £10. It’s on Superdrug, Boots and their own website, I got it from Boots with their advantage card points. I’ve had it a month or so and have used it a few times to see what it’s like. It claims to be mattifying with colour corrective technology, though a lot say that, and has SPF 29.

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