April Favourites: Some Things I Finallly Tried and Loved

Sorry the external links won’t work for this post, this is the fourth time I have tried to post it and it’s crashed my computer each time. I’ll try to add them tomorrow but I just want to get this post up tonight so it’ll be link free for now.


This month I have mainly been using new things, which is unusual as a lot of the time it seems like my monthly favourites are full of old things I have rediscovered. It’s another big mix of things though I think it’s mainly beauty and accessories and a couple of them probably won’t be surprises if you follow my blog given the reviews I’ve given them recently.

I don’t think there’s been much music that I’ve been listening to really this month, a bit mix of a lot of older albums I found on my old mp3 player that only works when it’s plugged in so it’s been quite a bit of 90s cheese you get at school discos and early 2000s pop punk. TV shows though I have been watching some new things for once, I loved the Night Manager, I thought that Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston were amazing in it and I really liked Tom Hollander too, he was a jerk but for some reason I liked him anyway. No spoilers so I won’t say any more. I also really loved the RSC Shakespeare Live thing that was on the BBC for the 400 year anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. The ‘to be or not to be’ bit made me laugh and I just liked the range that was on there. I have ended up going back to some old favourites like Red Dwarf and NCIS but those two new ones stood out a lot.

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Review: Sleek Makeup Enchanted Forest i-Divine Palette


Fairly recently I bought a few Sleek eyeshadow palettes, this Enchanted Forest palette was one of them. At the time it was labelled as limited edition but it seems like it may be a permanent product as that isn’t in the title any more but in case it’s going to disappear I thought it would be the first of my eyeshadow palettes to review. I am going through my collection and reviewing ones still on sale, I did start it last year but got sidetracked by other things so I’m starting it up again and they’ll probably be on Friday nights for a while.

The Enchanted Forest palette has a combination of matte and shimmer shades; four mattes, seven shimmers and one that seems to be a shimmer in the pan but turns out more matte so it’s somewhere in between. There are twelve shadows altogether and they are mainly in dark blues, purples and greens with some more neutral colours mixed in there with browns, some coppery tones and a cream. It costs £7.99 and is available from the Sleek website itself, the Boots website and Superdrug. I have seen them in Boots stores but I haven’t seen it in a physical Superdrug store near me.

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Book Review – Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford


Title: Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest and Colouring Book

Author: Johanna Basford

Publisher and year: Laurence King Publishing Ltd, 2015

ISBN Number: 978-0-78067-487-2

As long as I can remember colouring is the one part of art I’m not that into, by the time I’ve drawn something I get bored colouring the big sections and move on. With the recent fashion for adult colouring books I didn’t think I’d really get into it but some of them are so pretty I couldn’t resist. I bought two different books one of them is a present, this was a sort of fall back in case the first wasn’t ok and I’d have kept that one instead. I like the fact that the pictures for colouring in are very intricate, they don’t have huge expanses of colour that need to be done.

This is the second book by Johanna Basford, the first was Secret Garden, and in the little blurb thing at the end says she draws flora and fauna from the area in Scotland where she lives. It does feel a bit weird to review a book before reading it but as it’s a colouring book rather than with words there isn’t much more I can do besides actually colour it.

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