Review: Unicorn Cosmetics Heat Sensitive and Spookalicious Halloween Brush Set


I love all the unicorn brushes around and have had my eye on the Unicorn Cosmetics unicorn brush set for months, but when I saw their Halloween edition Heat Sensitive and Spookalicious set was in the sale it’s even more me and I wanted it. It’s a limited edition set with five brushes (three face and two eye brushes), colour changing handles and a coffin shaped brush bag with unicorn studs on it. It’s also pretty much half price, £17.99 rather than £34.99, but being a limited edition it’s one of those sets you get now if you want it as when it’s gone it’s gone.

The fact that the set is half the size of the original unicorn brush sets definitely was a plus for me, I love the look of the full set but I’m not sure I’d need all ten different styles and I can always use eye brushes and your standard face brushes. The five brushes are; fluffy eye brush, precision blush brush, powder brush, foundation brush and an eyeshadow brush so you do have most of the basics covered there. They all have suitably spooky names to go with the orange and black colour scheme.

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Review: Unicorn Cosmetics Bubbles Mermaid Fan Brush


I didn’t really do much sales shopping this year, well compared to normal anyway, but I saw that Unicorn Cosmetics were having a sale and couldn’t resist a peak at what they had on offer. They’re the original creators of the unicorn brushes that have been everywhere this past year and the makeup brushes are so pretty I did end up getting some. This first one is the Bubbles Fan Brush and is from the Mermaid brushes collection, which has four brushes with different colours and styles of mermaid tail one them. In the sale this costs £14.99, normally they’re £17.99. The mermaid brushes are all face brushes and they each have a flexible tail, it’s made from silicone which is easy to clean and feels slightly rubbery so has a great grip.

This may sound like an odd thing to say but, when I first started to use makeup (I was late compared to a lot of people) the fan makeup brushes always seemed to be one of those brushes you had to know what you were doing with. I’ve never had one and I realised that there are definitely gaps when it comes to my makeup brushes now that I’ve started to expand what I do with my makeup beyond basic eye looks and some liquid foundation. I guess I bought this one over the others as it is so different and I’ve recently started to try highlighting and it’s just so pretty.

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Review: EcoTools 6 piece eye brush set

ecotools9 I’ve been using EcoTools brushes for a while though until recently I had only one old set including face, eye and eyebrow brushes so only the one eyeshadow brush. In my recent Boots online order I decided to try one of the sets of EcoTools brushes with my Boots points. I decided on the eye set as I wanted to see what the difference was between them. The set cost £14.99 and includes five brushes inside a pouch with a clear window and includes: a large eye brush, highlighting brush, angled crease brush, smudge brush and petite eye shading brush. It is no longer on the website but they have the newer version which can be found here on the Boots website, this set contains exactly the same brushes, just the travel bag is different as this new one has a travel bag with a mirror. I think it’s closer to the old set I have in that the brushes are held with elastic strips but I’m not sure as I haven’t seen it. The main reason for getting the set is the brushes though so that part of the review remains the same.  Continue reading “Review: EcoTools 6 piece eye brush set”

Review: Real Techniques shading brush and Bold Metals pointed crease brush

realtechniques1 I posted about these I the post on Tuesday though now I’ve had a play around with them a bit more I thought I’d do a review. I’ve wanted to try the Real Techniques brushes since I saw a video on them on the Pixiwoo youtube channel. As I mainly use eyeshadow I thought I’d try two of the eyeshadow brushes; one of the originals in the shading brush and one of the new bold metals collection with the 201 pointed crease brush.

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Advent day 11


When I saw the list of products on the back of the advent calendar the So Eco brush was one that I was most interested in trying and today’s products was the foundation brush. I always choose cruelty free brushes and at the moment my go to brands are Elf and Eco Tools so it’s always nice to try another brand especially when it’s one I’ve never heard of. The only physical shop I can find in the UK that sells these is Sainsbury’s and their range online can be found here, it shows that this brush was £8.00 so more than the Elf ones but still not overly expensive if it works well.

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