Advent day 24


The hand cream I got today is from Natio Spa, the ‘heavenly hand cream’ that claims to soften hands and strengthen nails so it’ll go well with yesterday’s nail strengthener. The tube is 20ml so I think it’s the size you’d either get as a larger sample or maybe in a gift set rather than as a full size product. Continue reading “Advent day 24”

Advent day 23


The products today is Renunail’s triple strength pomegranate nail varnish, I think that pomegranate is the name rather than referring to any particular ingredient in the varnish. The box says it contains calcium, kerotin and bamboo which I think make up the ‘triple’ part of the name. When I saw this product on the back I was interested to see what it was like, I love doing my nails but they can sometimes become a bit brittle so it’s always fun trying new products that claim to be strengthening to see if they actually work. Continue reading “Advent day 23”

Advent 22


The Vaseline tin in today’s advent window is aloe scented and was a product I used to use a lot when I was in sixth form. The tin says it is part of the Vaseline vintage collection and is a limited edition version though I think that this scent is available all year round with a different tin. I like the bright green and traditional style of the print on the front, it makes it a bit different from the normal half white and half darker green that this has had when I’ve bought it in the past.

It has the consistency and appearance of the original Vaseline though has a fairly strong scent, to me it’s slightly perfumey but is definitely a plant scent. I’m not sure how close it is to pure aloe but has that sort of smell to me.  For me I found that this did help my lips more than others when they’re cracked or sore as it seems to soothe the stinging when they are particularly dry. It is the same sort of effect as with aloe based after sun products.

The main reason I had to stop buying this is the fact that it isn’t animal friendly which means I won’t buy it again though as I have it I will use it. I should have researched these products more rather than just buying the calendar as I try to only use products not tested on animals. This is available pretty much anywhere and is often in stands by the tills in places like Boots and some supermarkets especially around this time of year. It costs £1.99 as the recommended retail price for the normal tin so I think this should be that price too though it seems this is normally only available in gift sets. A more animal friendly alternative I’ve found is the Superdrug tin that looks a lot like this, they don’t do an aloe one but the scents they do all seem to work well and have the same benefits plus they’re cheaper (£1.49 for the original tin and pink spf 15 one).

Advent day 21

advent21Today’s advent present is the mini Denman brush, it’s about the length of my middle finger so a lot smaller than I expected it to be and includes a keyring on the end. When I saw this on the back I was expecting the brush to be in one of the bigger doors but it was in one of the smaller ones, it does mean it’s nice and portable and fits on a keyring easily without getting in the way of other things. I like Denman brushes, I used to use them all the time, though in the long term I found the rubber part that holds the bristles used to deteriorate over time and it would break on one side especially if you use products in your hair. This is in the traditional Denman colours, or at least the colours I’ve had all past brushes in, I like the combination of a bright orangey red with the black and white.

The main part of the handle is a hard shiny plastic which can be slippery if you have wet hands but with the size of this brush and being able to hold the whole thing comfortably rather than just the handle this may be less of a problem. The bristles are held in place by a rubber part which can be pulled out and put back in easily if you need to clean it for some reason. The bristles have no balls on the end like a lot and are hard so they can get painful if you have hair that’s tangled and you have to make an effort to brush like mine is when it’s long but it does glide through the hair really easily. It’s definitely portable but the bristles sticking out mean it may be uncomfortable and poke you if you had it in a bag and rummaged around in it and could damage some other things in the bag as they’re not very flexible.

I have found this on a variety of sites though most have them listed as out of stock though the price is between £2.50 and £3. I like the brush but I don’t think I’d buy it for myself as I don’t brush my hair often and hardly ever in the day.

Advent day 20

Today’s product was another face mask tube, this is the rejuvenating face mask from Manuka Doctor. It’s a smaller mask than the others, I think it’ll only do one use though it seems a deeper working mask as it says to leave it on for half an hour.

The mask contains purified bee venom alongside the honey. The honey gives it a nice sweet scent and the consistency is smooth and fairly thin, around the texture of a moisturiser. It applies evenly and it made the small patch of skin I tried it on feels smoother though I don’t know if this effect will be copied on my face.

This mask is available in range of high street stores in the UK, a 50ml pot has a price of £39.99 in a lot of shops though it seems to range between z£30 – £40. At the moment the cheapest I could find was in Superdrug for £26.66 here.

I don’t think I would pay full price for this, it depends how many masks I can get out of the sample. It does seem nice as a treat though it wouldn’t be one to use regularly for me, mainly due to the cost compared to others I know work for my skin.

Advent day 19


A few days ago when I posted about the Baylis and Harding sweet mandarin and grapefruit moisturiser I said I’d like it more as a shower gel and that’s what I got today. (To read my post about the moisturiser go here.) After smelling today’s gel I have to agree with what I said back then as it’s a lot less herbal and just smells of a sweet citrus scent with a tiny hint of orange blossom to me. The scent is pretty subtle, especially for a citrus gel, which is nice but does mean it disappears quickly after using it and it doesn’t linger on my skin beyond around quarter of an hour to half an hour.

This gel is fairly thick and lathers very well, it doesn’t create many bubbles when run under a tap so I don’t think it’d work that well as a bubble bath but as a shower gel it works well and doesn’t dry out my skin. The bottle says this gel is paraben free so if this is something you look for in gels then this might be a brand to look at, I think the other shower gels in the classic range of scents are also paraben free.

Overall this is another product I like and will enjoy using, I’m not sure it’s one I would buy again though like with the moisturiser I can’t find it on it’s own beyond places like eBay and amazon. I don’t know if this is a product that will come back in full size  after Christmas as it’s one of their classic scents, I would expect it to and their range is available in a range of high street stores in the UK.

Advent day 18


Today’s product is another full sized product and one I think I will be using quite a bit. It’s the emergency file from Stylfile, a nail file designed to be used on the go and kept in your bag with the spiral cover to protect the other things next to it. The first thing I saw was this cover, it seems like it’ll last well as it’s a strong plastic though it may bend over time, I’ll have to see. As the shape is at the moment it holds the file in well without making it difficult to get the file out. The keyring loop on the end means it can be attached to keyrings or your purse so it’s easy to find, I probably won’t be doing this but it’s nice to have it as an option.

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Advent day 17


Today’s mini perfume is one that I remember having years ago, it’s a bottle of Ghost perfume. It’s one of those scents that Boots used to include in the Christmas samples sets they did for perfumes.

I seem to remember it being in a moon shaped bottle but that may have been another version of Ghost that was done in the past. I like this bottle though, it’s a simple design that stands out to me with the frosted glass and the name in silver along the bottom so it doesn’t take over the bottle but it’s still there. The top is a simple stopper like a lot of these sample sizes but the hole is bigger so it’s easier to get the actual perfume out. It is quite hard to get the lid off which might be annoying but it does mean it should be safe in my bag if I wanted to travel with it.

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Enchanted Christmas review


This Christmas’ theme was New York and all the scents are based on places and things found around the city. I did get the sample set for these so I knew what the scents would be like in advance and bought products in three of these scents though afterwards I realised I wanted to get some in the gingerbread scent which was amazing too. I loved all of the scents but these three were the ones that stood out to me.

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Advent day 16

Sorry about the pictures in this one, the sun was so bright today it was hard not to get some reflection. Today’s product was a 30ml tube of Baylis and Harding body lotion in the scent ‘sweet mandarin and grapefruit’. I’ve tried their products before, though I’ve mainly smelled them when mum got given them as gifts, they’re normally good quality and to me seem like a fairly luxury brand, though this may be due to us only getting them in presents, so I was happy to get this. I’m not sure if the scent is the same for everyone who bought the advent calendar as on the back of the calendar itself it just says body lotion without any scent in the title.

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