Blogmas 2018: Day 7!

I am so annoyed at the moment, somehow the posts I had prepared for this weekend and scheduled haven’t posted. Unless you’ve already seen this, then sorry for the double post and I guess it’s not showing up on my blog my end. It said at the time my scheduled post was published but I can’t see it on my blog. I’ll do 2 a day to catch up.

A white tree covered in lights and decorations with Blogmas Day 7 in frontThis weekend is the start of family visits for Christmas so I’ll be in North Wales for a big family meal. It seems to end up that we only really see each other once a year, or most of us anyway, so it’s nice to catch up and have a meal out together. There’s always Christmas crackers, there will probably be at least one of those fortune telling fish and the hopping frog, and I have a proper Christmas dress this year, it even has Santa on it!

As we’re away (and I feel like I’m cheating with the advent calendar and opening these few days early) I’m not going to be drinking the teas till we get back, I’ll have to do a couple in each of the posts then. However I am looking forward to thing the first haircare product from the Holland and Barrett beauty advent calendar and I have a mini Draco Malfoy to go with Snape to start on the Slytherins in the Harry Potter Fubko Pop advent calendar.

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Review: Sleek Makeup CC Cream


This summer both mum and my sister were using CC creams, I’d always wanted to try one but didn’t want to spend a lot on one and thought I’d stick with a brand I know so I ended up buying this Sleek CC cream. I chose fair as I’m pale and their BB cream was a good match for my pale skin so I thought this seemed like a good one to try as a first CC cream. I know CC and BB creams tend to be a bit more blendable and adapt to your skin colour but I’ve still found that some seem rather dark when I use them.

This costs £8.99 for 25ml so it’s not the cheapest but it’s still in the drugstore category for me as it’s under £10. It’s on Superdrug, Boots and their own website, I got it from Boots with their advantage card points. I’ve had it a month or so and have used it a few times to see what it’s like. It claims to be mattifying with colour corrective technology, though a lot say that, and has SPF 29.

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