ME, Myself and I: Brain Fog

I wasn’t sure if I’d do a post just on this but it’s been annoying me so much recently I decided it deserves its own post. I’m not sure if it’ll be long but as my brain is rather foggy today it does feel appropriate for this to go up.

This is one of those symptoms that may not bother others as much as it does me sometimes. It’s one that I don’t think people who don’t have a chronic illness or are affected by it will actually understand why it’s such a frustrating thing to happen. It doesn’t seem that bad compared to things like pain or fatigue but, for me at least, with those I know when I’m likely to have those worse, if I do too much it’ll be worse the next day but rest does help those symptoms, along with a large proportion of the symptoms I have. Brain fog is not one of them.

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