Review: Anna Sui Nail Varnish in Cassis Pink (C312)


I posted about this in my recent purchases from on Tuesday and have had it on for a couple of days so thought I’d do a review for it. I love the speckle egg effects that are around at the moment and I have a few from other companies but I saw this when I was looking on the website and it stood out because of the colour, I think most of the others are in pale shades, or at least the ones I have.

This is an Anna Sui nail varnish from the chocolate chip collection, I chose the Cassis Pink version as it was such a pretty colour and so bright compared to most of the others. It is available in both of the bottle versions but this was the version that was in stock and I haven’t got any in this bird design so I probably would have gone for this one anyway. It’s £11 on, though it keeps going between in and out of stock so I’m not sure whether it’ll still be there. I haven’t seen them anywhere else but they’re probably available in other stores especially if you live in another country.

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Recent Purchases: sale


On Sunday I made a small order on, my main reason for doing this order was because I wanted to get a certain thing for mum’s birthday and it happened to be in stock so I jumped on it. It also just so happened that at the moment there is a sale on their website, it started on Sunday and I’m not sure when it’s finishing which is why I’m posting this today in case it’s tomorrow and any of you want to get anything in it. I think it’s on a lot of the beauty things, there are definitely a lot of brands in it like Nars and Paul and Joe, I don’t think many of the drugstore type brands are in it though. I didn’t make the order because of this sale but it did mean that one extra thing in the sale ended up in my basket and I am so glad it did as I think it’s so pretty and I love the colours, it seems like it’ll be a good travel palette as it’s so compact.

I am definitely going to be doing proper reviews on all three things I got so these are first impressions and why I bought them more than anything. I am itching to try the eyeshadows, though the imprint on it is so pretty and crisp it feels a bit wrong to mess it up and the sponge is something I’ve heard so much about I can’t wait to give it a proper go.

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