Advent 2015: Day 19

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The M&S present today is another makeup thing, I’m surprised at how few makeup products there have been so far in this calendar really. It’s the Autograph Ultra Shine Twist-Up Lip Colour in the shade Nude which is a nice neutral. I think this is one of the only M&S brand product  there have been, I think there may have been the shampoo which had a Marks and Spencer address on the back but as far as I can remember that’s it, the rest have been brands you can buy elsewhere too. I have heard a lot about M&S makeup so interested to see how it works. The Yankee Candle tea light is another Angel’s Wings which is a great scent for me as it’s one that isn’t specifically Christmas so I’m keeping these and burning others before them so I can have these the rest of the year.

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Advent 2015: Day 15

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Since I first opened my M&S box there has been this amazing fruity sweet smell that wafts up every so often and I was looking forward to the product that went with the scent and today is the day I opened it. It’s the Roger and Gallet Hand and Nail Balm in Fleur de Figuier, which I think translates to flower of figs and I love it. Today’s Yankee Candle was another Angel’s Wings which is always good as I do like this scent, I’m actually burning some of the less year round scents over this to use them during the season and these can burn any time throughout the year.

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Advent 2015: Day 12

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The M&S advent calendar present is the first proper makeup product that we’ve got, the Diego Dalla Palma ‘the lipstick’ in the shade 46 which is a creamy coral to me though it’s called antique pink on the website. I have never had a product from this brand before but I have seen it on blogs, I have a feeling it’s fairly common in subscription boxes or something. The. Yankee Candle advent calendar had my second Angel’s Wings tea light, they seem to be not very evenly spread out scent wise so I think it’ll be that these are randomly done rather than all of the advent calendars having the same in.

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Advent 2015: Day 10

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Day 10 is the day when I finally get the last scent in the tea lights in my. Yankee Candle advent calendar and I really like the Angels Wings smell, I think it’s probably the one out of all of them that would be a nice all year round scent. In my Marks and Spencer calendar I got a tube of Neal’s Yard nourishing cream in Frankincense. I think I’ve only had one other Neal’s Yard product before and I love it so I’m hoping to like this too.

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