Primark Haul: Harry Potter, Friends and Disney



Having spent more time than I probably should watching YouTube videos on the Primark goodies available and checking out their Instagram I went on a trip to a local Primark. I hadn’t been to the Peterborough one before and was hoping they’d have a larger home section than the one I normally go to, which it did slightly but still not the best. I think I may have missed most of the sale items but there were some of the new Friends, Harry Potter and Disney bits there.

There were definitely a lot of the latest clothes ranges around but I was good and tried to avoid most of them, I love the mustard and all the fluffy things around this year so I have a feeling there will be an Autumn/Winter Primark clothes haul coming up soon. I didn’t get everything I planned but probably half of my list was crossed off and there’s a mix of Disney, Harry Potter and Friends. I do love all the officially licensed products they’ve been coming out with, especially all the home ranges.

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Review: Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland Card Soldiers Shoes


I was originally planning on doing my review for the second Harry Potter Funko Pop figure I bought today but I realised it might be a bit much Harry Potter for some and these pretties arrived in the post so I felt like I had to do today’s post on them instead. I guess it’s kind of a first impressions as I haven’t worn them a lot, I have worn them for a few hours around the house though to get a feel for them.

Irregular Choice are a British shoe company that make bright and unusual shoes, I have six other pairs that I love, most of them heels, and they are so comfortable and easy to wear. Recently they’ve partnered with Disney for a Star Wars range with shoes including flats and varying heights of heels including some that have lightsabers as the heel or Yoda. More recently they did an Alice in Wonderland range based on the Disney movie, the original animated one. I loved these flat shoes, with the two Ace card designs, but my size had sold out by the time I realised they existed so I ended up resorting to eBay. Fortunately someone was selling these and I ended up spending the same as the original shoe price on these including the postage so in the end it turned out well. I have seen these on eBay for almost twice what they cost and very limited size wise so I think it was pure luck that these were a good price and my size.

At full price on their website these are sold for £110, though they’re currently out of stock in all sizes. I’m not sure if they’re coming back in stock anywhere or if it’s a case of when they’re gone they’re gone, but they are still on their own website here so it might be worth keeping an eye out on there. I think that the smallest size reappeared in stock fairly recently but that might have been a return or something.

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Enchanted Wonderland Preview Box


I’ve done a few posts about Enchanted preview boxes this year and Saturday the latest box for the collection being released on August 1st arrived so I had to do a post on it. Enchanted are a bath and body product company and the preview box is like the Fortune Cookie Soap box in that it’s released before a collection and one for each season so four in a year. These boxes contain sample sizes of the products, there’s a good range of both scents and product types in these normally and includes things like lotions, scrubs and wax melts as well as some perfume oil normally. Buying them all at the beginning of the year there was a discount but now you can only buy the last one for £22. It’s available until October 1st and is the Christmas collection.

This season’s collection is all Alice in Wonderland themed which I love and couldn’t wait to see the scents and names that would be in it. It seems to be a popular theme with a lot of companies choosing it but I don’t mind as I love the books so any variation on Alice themed things is good for me.

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Review: Fortune Cookie Soap – Easter and Wonderland products


Fortune Cookie Soap are a company based in America who make bath and body products. I’ve done a couple of reviews of their soap boxes which contain sample sizes of the new releases (you can find the Wonderland one here) but I decided to make a small order with some Easter products along with a couple of the Alice in Wonderland products. They have limited run seasonal products but also smaller collections that are based on themes, often a holiday such as Easter or Mother’s Day, these are even more limited and a few of these mini collections are sometimes available at the same time. You can look at the current collections and the permanent products on their website here.

The Easter products aren’t available anymore and I didn’t make a note of what the prices were so I can’t say exactly what they cost but the Alice in Wonderland products I’ll link to if they’re still available. The three sample sized whipped creams were from scents in the Christmas range so they aren’t available any more either.

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Fortune Cookie Soap: Alice in Wonderland Soap Box


Fortune Cookie Soap are a company based in America that make a range of bath and body products, the main product they’re probably known for is the fortune cookie shaped soaps. They have a physical shop but I buy all of their products off their website, which can be found here. They release a ‘Soap Box’ four times a year that contain sample sizes of products in the scents of the seasonal line released two or three weeks after the box arrives.

The Spring line this year is based on Alice in Wonderland, a theme that I love and was really looking forward to seeing how they did this. As it is a spring release line it contains a lot of floral scents, which I’m not particularly fond of most of the time, so wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about these products but some of them surprised me and weren’t really things I was expecting either for Spring or for an Alice in Wonderland themed line.

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