Book Review: Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Colouring Book Illustrated by Paul Kidby

terry-pratchett's-discworld-colouring-book-paul-kidby-7.jpgFans of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series will probably know that Paul Kidby was the illustrator for the covers of the later Discworld books. Since 2002 he’s been the artist who’s done the covers and art in various books related to the series. The Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Colouring Book is full of line art versions of some of his art. In total there are 77 pages to colour in, 78 if you include the title page and 16 pages of the original full colour art for the line art versions in the book.

This colouring book has images from various stories, along with excerpts from the books themselves on a lot of the pages next to the full page images and surrounded by their own art too so you have the link to the Terry Pratchett works there too. It’s been around for a couple of years, it was first published in 2016, but somehow I’ve missed it. I think it came out just after I’d bought a few too many colouring books and was taking a break but it’s in my collection now.

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A Mini Discworld Emporium Haul


This is only a small haul but I love the things I got so much I think it deserves a post. For a long time I’ve been a fan of Terry Pratchett’s books, I think I read the first one when I was ten or eleven and since then I’ve reread them and the whole Discworld universe is one I love. If you don’t know the Discworld then this haul may seem slightly odd but hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

I was originally only getting something as a birthday present for someone, who I hope isn’t reading this but I’m not going to mention that thing just in case. When I was on the Discworld Emporium website I had a bit of a look around and found some things I wanted to get for myself, I was actually quite good as I could have spent a lot more with all the figures and things they do. I only got three things but I will be buying more from them in the future.

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Book Review: Red Nose Day Colouring Note Book


I realise that this year I haven’t actually done that well when it comes to actual book reviews, I will admit my first book of the year has proved a longer read than I expected. Today’s book review is kind of a mix of a notebook and a colouring book and has been sold in TK Maxx in partnership with Comic Relief with a portion of the money going towards the charity as with the rest of the range. This product donated £2 of the £5.99 to the charity.

This year’s Red Nose Day collection at TK Maxx is based around photographs by fashion photographer Rankin. They’re all photos if abimals, though they’re either dressed up or have a red nose added in afterwards. The majority are black and white with one in colour, which lends itself to a colouring in book as you can give them the traditional colours or go pop art and bright colours. These are all available exclusively at TK Maxx, though I think the books and other more home products are also available at Home Sense, their home and lifestyle stores, and is available online here or in stores.

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Book Review: Escape to Shakespeare’s World – A Colouring-book Adventure by Good Wives and Warriors

shakespearesworld5Title: Escape to Shakespeare’s World: A Colouring-book Adventure

Author: Good Wives and Warriors

Year written: 2016

Publisher and year: Puffin Books, 2016

ISBN Number: 978-0-141-37121-4

It’s been a while since I did aa book review as I’ve not been reading much but I recently bought this colouring book and I really like it. Colouring has never been my favourite bit of art so I stayed away from the adult colouring book craze when it started, but after actually getting one and trying it I find it surprisingly relaxing.

This adult colouring book is based around the plays of Shakespeare, or some of them, the fact it’s only a small number might mean there could be more in the future though I don’t know. The Good Wives and Warriors illustrators are actually Becky Bolton and Louise Chappell and there’s also Alice in Wonderland and Charles Dickens themed books in the series. I really like this idea of having colouring books based on books or series that are already known.

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Book Review: Harry Potter Colouring Book

HPcolour1Title: Harry Potter Colouring Book

Author: Warner Brothers (I guess, there’s no author or illustrator given)

Year written: 2015

Publisher and year: Studio Press, 2015

ISBN Number: 978-1-78370-548-1

I’ve been wanting to increase my colouring book collection for a while. I saw the Harry Potter colouring books and as these combine two things I like; Harry Potter and colouring in, I decided to get them when they were on offer on Amazon. At the moment they’re £4.49 rather than the RRP of £9.99 and I think that’s the cheapest I have seen them anywhere in the UK though they’re also in offers on The Works website sometimes as well.

This is the first Harry potter colouring book and incudes pictures that are line drawings of scenes from the movies, some that are pictures of creatures and artefacts from the world and some are just repeating patterns of magical things. There’s also sixteen pages at the end that are printed in colour and includes the original screen shots, concept art or just colour versions of the designs in the book to give you some ideas or inspiration if you want to keep them true to the original colour schemes. The rest of the book is 102 pages including the introduction and front page inside that do include colouring elements but I’d say there are 100 pages, some of them double page images, to colour in. It seems like quite a large colouring book page wise compared to some of the others out there.

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Book Review: Animal Kingdom by Millie Marotta

Processed with Moldiv


Title: Animal Kingdom a colouring book adventure

Author: Millie Marotta

Year written: 2014

Publisher and year: Batsford, 2014

ISBN Number: 9781849941679

I got this book for Christmas and have been colouring it in since so thought I’d do it as one of my book reviews. I wasn’t planning on reviewing many of my Christmas presents as it seems a bit odd sometimes to review something you’ve been given but as I know a lot of people like these colouring in books I thought I’d share what I think so far. When I first saw these adult colouring books I wasn’t sure if I’d like them since I’ve not been a fan of colouring but it’s surprisingly relaxing and fun when it’s these designs with smaller patterns inside a bigger image.

This books is by Millie Marotta who has a range of books out, I think they’re all based around animals and the natural world and they have a range of pictures and repeating patterns to colour in which have smaller designs inside them. This one is based on images of the animal kingdom, as the name suggests, and there’s a range of pictures from underwater and land animals. Some of them are full images like trees with birds or a page with leaves and insects and others have an animal in the middle with empty space around.

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Book Review – Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford


Title: Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest and Colouring Book

Author: Johanna Basford

Publisher and year: Laurence King Publishing Ltd, 2015

ISBN Number: 978-0-78067-487-2

As long as I can remember colouring is the one part of art I’m not that into, by the time I’ve drawn something I get bored colouring the big sections and move on. With the recent fashion for adult colouring books I didn’t think I’d really get into it but some of them are so pretty I couldn’t resist. I bought two different books one of them is a present, this was a sort of fall back in case the first wasn’t ok and I’d have kept that one instead. I like the fact that the pictures for colouring in are very intricate, they don’t have huge expanses of colour that need to be done.

This is the second book by Johanna Basford, the first was Secret Garden, and in the little blurb thing at the end says she draws flora and fauna from the area in Scotland where she lives. It does feel a bit weird to review a book before reading it but as it’s a colouring book rather than with words there isn’t much more I can do besides actually colour it.

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