About this blog

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog

It’s mainly posts about beauty, book reviews, some video games and lifestyle posts and general blogging thrown in there along with other things I find interesting.

When I started this I really didn’t know what I was going to be posting about, hence the rather unusual and non-theme-specific username, and I’m still not really sure but it’s been a fun two years so far and I’m still figuring it out.

I post three times a week, I did try and do it five times but my health got in the way. Monday and Fridays should be beauty reviews or posts, the other post will be on one of the three week days depending on what it’s about and there are often more than the three posts a week anyway.

I’ve had M.E. for the past twelve years and it can affect how often I blog if I go through a bit of a rough patch or there’s something else that needs all my energy so sorry in advance if I miss a post but I hope you’ll understand.

I’m always bad at these ‘about me’ type pages so I’ll stop typing now, I hope you enjoy the blogs and any suggestions for posts or products to try are always welcome.

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