MEAW 2016: What is ME Awareness Week? Some Resources and Ideas

This week is ME Awareness Week, though to be honest it’s been a bit confusing this year with the dates as almost all of the sites I’ve found seem to say that it starts on Wednesday 11th, which seems a slightly odd day for an awareness week to actually start, so I hope I’m not […]

ME Awareness Week: Cognitivie Energy vs Physical Energy

I’m not sure if physical energy is the right word for this but I just wanted to make a post about the different kinds of energy we use up every day that you don’t actually notice if you don’t have a chronic illness. Physical energy is the obvious stuff like exercise and going shopping, the […]

ME Awareness Week: Forget ME Not book

This isn’t really a review, though it kind of is, it’s more posting about this book so people know about it as I think it’s a good way to get people to understand about M.E. through the different pieces written in it. Over the past year, maybe more I can’t remember when this started, two […]

ME Awareness Week: The Spoon Theory

This is something that I have found very useful over the years after finding it when it comes to explaining how it feels to people who don’t have ME. The spoon theory can be found here, though it’s been posted about in a lot of other forums and a quick google search will throw up […]

It’s M.E. Awareness Day Tomorrow

I feel like every year I manage to miss M.E. awareness day, or week depending on which you choose to do, and this year I only realised today that it is in fact tomorrow. I haven’t really done many posts on M.E. recently, I felt a bit like I was repeating myself at times and […]