It’s M.E. Awareness Day Tomorrow

I feel like every year I manage to miss M.E. awareness day, or week depending on which you choose to do, and this year I only realised today that it is in fact tomorrow. I haven’t really done many posts on M.E. recently, I felt a bit like I was repeating myself at times and […]

MEAW 2016: What is ME Awareness Week? Some Resources and Ideas

This week is ME Awareness Week, though to be honest it’s been a bit confusing this year with the dates as almost all of the sites I’ve found seem to say that it starts on Wednesday 11th, which seems a slightly odd day for an awareness week to actually start, so I hope I’m not […]

ME Awareness Week: Forget ME Not book

This isn’t really a review, though it kind of is, it’s more posting about this book so people know about it as I think it’s a good way to get people to understand about M.E. through the different pieces written in it. Over the past year, maybe more I can’t remember when this started, two […]

ME, Myself and I: Benefits – The Good, the Bad and the Frustrating

I guess before I start I will say that this post is not going to be information on the benefits you can get, though I will mention the ones I have experience with, but more the experiences I’ve had while trying to claim benefits. I have encountered both ends of the spectrum, the very good […]