Review: Sleek Makeup Major Morphosis Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve had this Sleek Major Morphosis eyeshadow palette for a while, I think it was way back in March when I bought it, but it disappeared off the Boots site so I wasn’t sure about posting it. Apparently it’s back and in Christmas offers so thought it’d be a good time to share as it’s got such a range of colours and finishes in it. You can find it for £12.99 on the Sleek website or on the Boots site, though I haven’t seen it in stores it might be available in your local if it’s got a larger Sleek Makeup display.

Most sleep palettes have 12 eyeshadows in them, this one has 18 so some extras, it’s also got a different style front of the plastic palette itself, but still has that big mirror that fills the lid and the nice click closure. It’s got a range of finishes, from mattes to foils and one with a matte base and tiny glitter in it. There’s a few of the shades that have a duochrome that are a nice wash to use with others, I think they’re the ones that give it the Morphosis part of the name.

I always start with the packaging, and I really like the look of the card sleeve you get with the Sleek ones. This has a nice colour combination though it’s not really much to do with the colours inside the palette itself. It has the ingredients on the back for the various finishes and a small section that shows the range of colours, though I wouldn’t say it’s the closest to the actual eyeshadows in some cases.

My palette did arrive broken, I’m not sure if this is a weakness but it’s not caused any issues really. I decided to keep it as otherwise it would just end in a landfill and it doesn’t affect the use of the palette. The hinge keeps the lid up at any angle you set it and the large mirror makes it great for travel. The colours are each in a rectangle pan and the surface around is easy to wipe clean. Some people might miss the sponge applicator that comes with most Sleek palettes, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing it’s not there. It means the whole palette is used for eyeshadow and I don’t know many who use or even keep the sponge applicators.

The eyeshadows themselves are nice, they have given us a great combination of finishes in this palette and the top row is a nice mix for a neutral eye or to use as a base for the more colourful shades. I would say that most of them are warm and don’t mix so well with some of the cooler colours like the blues, but they do give you that neutral option. I kind of wish they’d included a paler colour as a highlight shade rather than the two dark matte browns that don’t look that different when used.

As with a lot of Sleek palettes the mattes are pretty decent, the dark blue is not the best but with a primer and some building it works well. These mattes do need a primer under them to stick well as they can blend to nothing, and the darker shades have a tendency to stick in place if they’re the first colour used so I’d apply the lighter ones first and build on top with the darker ones. That worked well and the looks I did then lasted seven hours before removing them.

The metallic foils, I’d say there are three, are a really nice formula, they blend smoothly and apply pigmented with or without a primer. A primer does help to stop them from moving throughout the day but I found they didn’t crease too much without.

I would class the bright pink and dark blue shimmery colours as a sort of satin finish maybe. These are the weakest colour sin the palette to me, which is a bit disappointing knowing how well Sleek can do a bright pink in their Diamond Decade palette. These are ok if built up but don’t blend the best as they sort of disappear, you have to pat them onto a primer and then blend others into them.

The matte gunmetal grey with silver shimmer in the bottom right corner was a bit of a surprise for me when I applied it as it applies really smooth without a primer. With a primer it tends to stick in place a bit but does blend well. The glitter can end up blended away from the base, but I found if I go back and pat some on top of the colour at the end it sticks and there isn’t as much glittery fallout as I expected.

I had to leave the duochromes for last. The middle row is definitely the stand out for me in this palette. The peachy colour on the end is less amazing than the others but still a great colour for a wash of shimmer and something a bit more subtle. It works well on its own or on top of a neutral eye to add a bit of something different when it catches the light. The formula of the middle row is really nice. It applies super smooth on top of any colour as well as by itself. I find they do need a primer base as they can slide a bit in the day but the finish is so good I can forgive that!

The other colours on the middle row work so well on top of other colours to give any eyeshadow a duochrome shift. The first three are fairly simple colours, they all add a duochrome finish in the colour in the pan. The two in the middle to the right add multiple layers of colour to me, the first one does to an extent but blue to pale purple isn’t much of a shift. The first of the two adds a very obvious peachy pink colour with a light blue shift, works well as a subtle one on its own or on top of others. The second to last on that row is a classic one with multiple layers, there’s olive green, peachy and blue as well as other colours I notice in other lights. It’s the sort of multilayers of the surface of oil, if that makes sense.

Overall I think this is a great palette. It’s one of those that has something for pretty much everyone. It does have a couple that are a bit disappointing, but if you work with them differently they do build up to be a nice colour and work well. I love the middle row, and that alone makes this palette stand out. It’s slightly more expensive than a standard Sleek palette at £15, but you get more product in there and a larger range of colours. It’s the kind of palette I can see being great for Christmas and New Years parties (if we’re allowed them this year) and gives such a range of looks, as well as the big mirror, it would work well for travel.

Not Sleek’s best palette ever, but still good, especially at the price point and the amount of colours in there. I’d say it’s worth checking out as a gift for someone else or yourself!

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