Lush Halloween Mini Haul With a Couple of Extras

This is another post that was meant to be done a couple of weeks ago but I’m hoping that these products are all still available on the website, I’m pretty sure some might be in shops after Halloween.

I have a bit of a weakness for Lush Halloween products, though I would love it if they brought back Ghost shower gel and buy so many bottles I do still check out some of the products each year. This time I may have bought more than I meant to as I got a bit carried away seeing them actually in store. I wasn’t too bad though!

I’ll start off with the actual Halloween products. I did get a bit of a range and I have tried them all, so it’s actually one of those where I can do a mini review of them too.

Very Very Frightening Shower Gel (250g) – This smells amazing, it’s definitely got the fig smell in there, I spent a while trying to identify what it was and then read the label. There’s a hint of something else fruity, I’m guessing the lemon, but it’s fairly sweet overall. It’s a bit of an odd consistency, it feels like part way between a shower gel and a jelly. It reminds me of the shower creams that they brought out a while ago, it’s very thick to start with and very moisturising. My skin loves this, though it does look a little weird as it turns you bright yellow when you put it on your skin!

Boo! Shower Slime – I have to admit I didn’t realise it was a shower slime and thought it was a jelly. This isn’t my favourite consistency, as it does have that slimy feel when you see it ooze out of the pot, but it’s nice when you actually lather it and use it as a wash. I’m pretty sure this is the same scent as Lord of Misrule, it’s an earthy green smell with pepper in it. Maybe I’m thinking of the wrong product but it’s definitely one I’ve smelled before. It’s nice enough and I can see kids loving this one.

Toffee Apple Lip Scrub – I’m not always a huge fan of their lip scrubs, they tend to be over priced when you can use normal sugar to do the same thing. I sort of got carried away when this was at the till and it was toffee apple scented, one of those flavours I love in the Autumn, and they always taste like they smell so I got it. I would say that as far as Lush sugar scrubs go it’s good, it does have a nice toffee apple smell, it’s a nice scrub and it does make my lips softer. Does it make me want to run out and buy a load of their scrubs? No, they still feel overpriced to me and I’m going to enjoy this but go back to my cheaper ones in the future.

Punkin Pumpkin Bath Bomb – This one really reminds me of Ruby Red Slippers, there’s something warming and floral about it and it’s just a great scent. It’s definitely a cold weather smell to use in a bath and make you feel all cosy. It does turn the water a bright orange, which is quite nice but also I was a bit worried about staining. No problems with the one I had though so that’s a bonus when it comes to brightly coloured Lush bath bombs.

The non Halloween things are permanent products, so these will definitely be available in the stores still. Sorry about the obvious missing piece in the Conga Jelly, I took photos of them all new but those got corrupted so I had to retake them after I’d tried them all out and this is the most obvious one.

Conga Shower Jelly – This is sweet smell, it kind of reminds me of that scent when you open a bag of dolly mixture. You have that hint of pink and fruity smells but the overwhelming smell is sugar. I’m not always a fan of these scents but I do love this. There’s also hints of Snow Fairy which is an all time favourite of mine so always good to have something that reminds me of that available all year round. It’s one of the more solid jellies and lathers well. I always find they work best with a shower puff or scrubby gloves though.

Ceridwen’s Cauldron Bath Melt – This is one I’ve used for years and I’d recommend to anyone who has skin that doesn’t always want to cooperate. It’s so good when my skin flares up and I get a reaction to something I’ve tried. It’s calming and oaty and just so moisturising and soothing on my skin. The only down side is that it’s an oily base and there’s a decent amount of it, meaning that the bath does get a bit oily afterwards and it’s annoying to clean.

Sultana of Soap – I’m pretty sure this was one of the first non Christmas products I bought from Lush years ago, must be around 2007 I started buying from there properly, so this is a long time favourite. I’m slightly annoyed that they changed the formula as it used to be super creamy and great for my skin but I now find it oddly drying, despite feeling soft and creamy when I use it. I always find this one hard to describe scent wise, it’s creamy and sweet and fruity and there’s a hint of almond in there I think. Basically the best scent ever and I wish they did more products in this scent. So annoyed I missed out on the perfume!

And that’s my mini haul and mini review post finished. I’m sure I got a bit carried away when we were shopping and really didn’t need the lip scrub, or such a big chunk of Sultana of Soap, but I do like everything I got. I kind of wish Very Very Frightening was in the permanent range, though maybe in a different formula, as I love the smell but not so sure about the bright yellow that ended up all over the walls after scrubbing my arms in the shower using this!

Did you guys try any of the Lush Halloween products? Any you miss from previous years? I always miss Ghost and Calacas/Day of the Dead scents when they don’t do them. I hope everyone’s having a good Halloween, however you manage to celebrate it, and that you’re all doing ok at the moment.

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