Halloween Decorations

Hi guys! I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last post. A combination of health, computer issues and life getting in the way! Anyway, it’s nearly Halloween and this year I decided I would actually get some cute decorations to put around. Nothing major, though I may have my eye on some of the Spooky Town buildings for next year, and they’re all pretty small but I wanted to share them with you guys anyway.

I would have put this post up sooner, but the Matalan order took over two weeks, and I couldn’t just not include the wizard guy, he’s too cute to be left out!

I’ll start off with these gnomes, I just love these guys and the fact that there are Halloween ones out there meant I couldn’t resist. I will admit that the little ones from Amazon weren’t in the original plan but I do love them anyway and they look great with their little brooms.

The wizard was £8 from Matalan, I did mean to get the witch to go with him but she sold out before I made my order, along with some bits I wanted from the Range. One day I’ll learn not to wait too long. I love the cloak and the stars on his hat, plus his little wand. I’m tempted to add a glitter pompom or something to look like he’s actually casting one but probably won’t.

This large lamp from the Range is definitely bigger than I expected it to be but I do like the light and the silhouette. It was only £8 so it’s not the best made one in the world, but I like the orange and black contrast and the springs with bats on them. I did take off a plastic spider that was on one side as it looked a bit weird, but overall I’m happy with it and it sits on my window with the two little gnomes. The only thing I would say is the switch is hard to get at, the batteries are in a pack underneath held on by elastic and it takes some manoeuvring to get it right. It would be great if it was a timer one with a certain amount of hours on then a certain amount of hours off, but it’s still great. Also the glitter gets everywhere!

I think I left one of the best to last. I’m a fan of white branches for Christmas, and I couldn’t get some Halloween decorations without getting a light up tree. I went with purple because I love that orange and purple combination, plus it came with metal bat decorations. These are actually pretty well made and are metal.

The branches are easy to unfold and change the angle, so you could have the back completely flat if on a window or against a wall. It’s like the wire in a fake Christmas tree so you can point the branches however you like.

I love the fact it’s got an on button on the base, no fiddling around for a switch, and this is a timed one. There’s 6 hours on and 18 hours off. So far it’s been working great and it should last about a month I think. This one is one that will be easy to fold up and store in its box, the only problem being that the glitter gets on everything! I’m hoping that’ll be less as it gets older.

Ok so this isn’t so much a haul as a few mini parts of hauls, all with a Halloween theme. I love the range of decorations out this year and next year I’ll be on the lookout earlier. Also, I am pretty sure I’ll be starting a Halloween Village collection next year now I’ve found out about them.

Have you guys decorated for Halloween? What’s it like where you are, do you celebrate it, is there a lot of hype around the holiday or is it a bit of a nothing day for most people? It’s interesting how it’s changed over the years here in the UK compared to when I was in school so I always find it interesting hearing about what it’s like where other people are when it comes to celebrations or different days.

Hope everyone is staying safe and is as well as possible in these crazy times.

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