Lockdown Goals (Even Though We’re Not as Locked Down Any More!)

I can’t believe it’s been nearly three months since my last post, everything is so different now to back then. I’m not sure what month it is sometime let alone what day! Since then I think most places in the world have been in some kind of lock down or another and each day sort of blurs into the next. I’ve also had my 31st birthday (literally 2 days after the last post) and my Grandma died so I’m still sort of recovering from that as it’s all been so surreal.

I should probably mention that I actually wrote this goals list about two months ago, so they’re not all that up to date in some ways but I didn’t have any to add and still wanted to do a post on them. Even with lockdown changing here in England, things opening up and life getting closer to normal, I still think it’ll be a long way till it’s properly back to how it was and a lot of time will be spent at home so I’m trying to stick to the goals. To be honest the routine parts are probably things that I should try to stick to afterwards anyway!

It’s the time of year when I’d normally be doing a goal update post, but I realised I didn’t even post my goals for this year, and some of them won’t be happening with this lockdown. So I thought I’d do a post of the goals I have for during lockdown. Of course not knowing how long lockdown will last does mean I don’t really have a timescale for some but I thought it would be interesting, even if it’s just to look back on in a year’s time.

One of the things I seem to be seeing in all of the posts about surviving life in lockdown is to have a routine and that is definitely one of my main goals. Though I guess I should be more specific. These are the kind of routines I’m setting up and trying to get into the habit of doing.

  • Skincare Routine – I’ve been keeping up with this and have a morning and night one which I am sticking to fairly well. The night time one is the one I wasn’t so used to as I’ve been getting into a regular and consistent morning skincare routine this year.
  • Morning Routine – Setting my alarm, getting washed and dressed and having a good breakfast. It’s too easy for me to stay in my pyjamas and putting clothes on does help me focus more
  • Exercise Routine – I have exercises I’m trying to do each morning, to help improve my stamina and keep my muscles active. I’m also walking the dog every day which helps

I guess this goes along with routine but planning is another thing that helps me keep on top of what I want to do. Ok so it hasn’t worked for blogging, but it seems to be helping everywhere else! Also I do want to get better at using my actual planner and write these things down. I was doing so well at the beginning of the year!

  • Planning Food – Having my meals planned for the week has a lot of positive side effects. It helps me eat healthier, I know what I need to put on the shopping list, I make extra portions to use in the days after so have lunches sorted and I know how long I’m going to be spending on meal prep each day. At the moment it also means that I don’t need to do as many shopping trips, though I do have to be a bit more flexible as some things aren’t in stock and I’m not going to pop out just to get peas or peppers!
  • Planning my work – Ok so it’s not work as in I’m not employed, apparently this wasn’t a good time to be getting started as a freelance designer, but planning my time for job searching and working on my skills helps keep me focussed
  • Plan breaks – This sounds a bit formulaic but having a set time I plan on having a break, walk the dog, play a game (I may have just got a Switch so Animal Crossing is pretty much the game at the moment) helps so I don’t get too carried away and burn out with work.

I do have some other goals, I guess they’re more general goals, and things I want to get or work on in the weeks coming up.

  • Cook More. I guess more try new recipes. I have some books I love flicking through and want to give some of the meals a go.
  • Get some contact paper and cover my boxes in my wardrobe. This probably sounds odd but I have decluttered and I like how I have my shelves finally, but the boxes are all from different sets and lots have marks on. Having a contact paper that’s easily wiped clean, is nice and light and everything matches would make it look so good in there. I tend to find if it looks cleaner and lighter and clearer I am better at keeping it decluttered.
  • Finish my courses and take my ACE exams. This one isn’t entirely up to me, they’re a recognised qualification with Adobe and they don’t have the current ones up. Plus if they need to be done in person it will be after lock down.
  • Make an easy to read reference book for the programs I’m learning about. I’ve been making notes but it’d be nice to actually be able to read them, my handwriting is so bad when I’m writing quickly to keep up with videos. I’m going to make a nice looking book with all the important notes I can refer back to when I’m working in case I forget how to use certain tools. (As this is being posted I have about 3/4 of the first one done!)
  • Tame the chinchillas more. This may never happen but they’re getting friendlier and I’d like to be able to get Misty out without her freaking out too much so she doesn’t sulk every time I have to clean them out completely! (Another update here, it’s now a case of stopping her from jumping onto the floor from my lap! If I put my chair next to the cage she jumps onto my lap straight away, so that’s progress!)
  • Read more. This goes on every list ever, but I would like to catch up on reading fun books, not just course related ones!
  • Blog more. Another that pops up all the time and kind of goes in the reading more too as I mean reading as well as writing blog posts. It feels like recently all my computer time is spent on my course so I’ve not been keeping up with blogs.

I’m sure most of these are doable, and I’m also pretty sure I’ve forgotten some as I’m writing this. I’ll see how well I’ve done with them when lockdown is completely lifted. Hopefully that isn’t too far away or I might be doing another one of these as a catch up post with new goals!

Also, after this is all over and it’s safe to do so, a goal is to go away somewhere for a nice weekend. It’ll probably be in the UK still but somewhere for a change of scenery after being stuck inside so much!

How are you guys doing? I hope you’re all ok and staying safe. Do you have any goals for during lockdown? Anything you’re hoping to get finished or a list of jobs you want to do?

One thought on “Lockdown Goals (Even Though We’re Not as Locked Down Any More!)

  1. Salonie Malhotra says:

    I’m graduating next month. Yay! and, oh I’m sad. Actually, I’m totally confused right now. I had major plans of starting to work full time and save cash.With this pandemic all my plans are flying in the air. I know everything happens for a reason and I’m sure, god willingly there are better things ahead, but what do I do of this frustration, confusion, anger and what not right now? uGHHGUO…. anyways…

    Thanks for this post. I’m trying to implement some of the pointers you mentioned like reading, cooking and cleaning. Hopefully things will start to make sense again.


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