A Book Haul that Kind of Grew: Waterstones and eBay

Books laid out on a white wooden floor. In front is the text box with the post title in it

I have recently had a clear out of some of my books, I was planning on keeping my collection down until I have more room for bookshelves. Apparently that didn’t last long though, at least not when I end up in Waterstones! One of these books has been in my to buy list since it was first published in hardback though so that’s ok to get right?

I did also end up getting a couple of lots of manga from eBay. I have a few manga series that I’m part way through that I started ages ago, if you’re into manga or anime you will realise how long ago this was when you see which ones they are, and I found people selling them in sets on eBay for a decent price. Buying the few individual ones for one of the series could get expensive but I do want to finish them as they are some of my favourite manga and anime series of all time.

I’ll start off with the Waterstones books and The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage by Sydney Padua is the one that’s been on my Amazon wishlist for years. The characters are Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, who is mostly known for inventing the first computer even if it was never made. It’s a mix of their real lives, technological facts and some fictional adventures with a nice combination of regular book text and graphic novel. I’m part way through it and will definitely put a proper review of this up when I’m done.

The front covers of The Outsorcerer's Apprentice and The Good, the Bad and the Smug. They each have cartoon outlines of magical creatures and castles with the title in bold text

I’ve been a fan of Tom Holt books for ages and anything fantasy involving elves, orcs, dragons or pretty much anything that you could find wandering around Middle Earth is always something that will get my interest. The Good, The Bad and the Smug and The OutSorcerers’ Apprentice are two books that combine his sense of humour, fantasy and a bit of the everyday life such as working in an office, that we don’t generally tend to put together with magical creatures. I haven’t started them but I am looking forward to it!

And onto the start of the manga. These two may also give a clue as to one of the series I bought a lot of from eBay. I found two of the three Fruits Basket Another series by Natsuki Takaya, the author of the original Fruits Basket manga. These were published with the release of the collectors editions of the original series. I thought this was a longer series and only found out after picking up 1 and 3 that there was only one more book. It does make it a lot easier completing it though. I’m interested to see how much of the original Sohma curse is in these after the original series.

Numbers 12 to 19 of the Fruits Basket manga books laid out on the floor

And that leads onto one of the lots from eBay, I bought the first 19 Fruits Basket, also by Natsuki Takaya, in the original design released in the UK for around £20, definitely a good price when you see how much some of these are going for individually. I already have the first 11 so those will be resold, but other than that I am getting close to finishing the whole series. I have already read them all but I do like having the full collection. I just wish the later ones weren’t selling for £40 each! If you haven’t read or seen Fruits Basket then it’s a fairly gentle story with a dark twist, plenty of pretty manga boys and girls and I still love the original anime even though they released a newer one that is supposed to tell the whole story. I’d say that’s worth checking out, or buy the collectors editions of these, they’re way cheaper unless you get lucky on eBay!

16 of the Ouran High School Host club manga books laid out on the floor

The final lot of books I got was the first 16 from the Ouran High School Host Club series by Bisco Hatori. I think most people know of this from the anime that was released, but the manga does carry on after this and has some more in depth parts on the characters. If you’ve seen the anime then they’re pretty faithful to some of the parts of the manga. I only had the first of these before so most of these will be staying. I think this set was £30, again a good price for 16 books. I think there are 19 in this series so there aren’t many more to get and I think these are more reasonably priced. If you haven’t heard of Ouran, it’s set in a private school full of rich people. A scholarship student breaks an expensive vase in the host club and ends up joining as one of the hosts to pay back their debt. The only problem is she’s a girl, though she gets away with playing a boy very well. I love the characters in this and it’s still one I go back to watch if I’m not feeling great.

I think to start with the haul didn’t seem too bad and then the eBay buys hit and, lets just say I don’t have any empty shelves and may have a couple of piles of manga on my floor at the moment. It has also kickstarted my read a book a week this year goal, at least kind of. I now have four books on the go, which wasn’t the plan but I’m hoping I’ll start reading more now I have some that I’m excited about getting through!

Have you guys been reading much this year? Anything you’d recommend I add to my to read list, even if I don’t buy it? I’m planning on going to the library a bit more again, they have a lot of the crime books I like recently so I might get back into reading them. I always find I read more in the summer as well, something about being able to sit outside and read a good book makes me go through them a lot quicker!

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