Time for a Catch Up, an Update Post

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It feels so long since I’ve done a blog post, I know last time I said I’d be back and posting more but I’ve ended up busier and with less energy than I thought for blogging so it sort of got left behind while I sort other things out. I’m back now though and being more realistic about how often I’ll post now.

I thought I’d do a bit of an update post, catch you up on how my life has been and a few goals that I decided to set myself. Though a few of them haven’t been going great looking at my blogging so far!

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Anyway, how have you all been? Having a good 2020 so far? I have to say mine’s been a bit of a mixed bag, and starting it being ill pretty much constantly until a few weeks ago really didn’t help! It’s been probably one of the main reasons why January was so quiet blog wise as I just didn’t have the energy for anything much.

February has been better in some ways, a bit odd in others. A relative sadly died and, with her being close to my Grandpa, it sort of hit home a bit more that he isn’t here any more either. I’ll miss going to see her and having a catch up when we visit Grandma, we’ve been in the area to see her since and it’s odd driving past where she used to live.

Some more positive things that have happened, had a great weekend away over Valentine’s Day, even though I’ve never done anything for the day before. It was nice wandering round and not having to rush because we were staying at a hotel, and I went to Yo Sushi for the first time. I’m not sure it’s a good thing as I keep wanting to go back now and it’s definitely easy to spend a lot there!

A photo of a laptop on a desk with a mobile phone and mug

I’ve also been relearning coding and really concentrating on that, it’s where a lot of my energy went last month, so I can be more confident in doing freelance web design as well as graphic design. I’m crossing my fingers it’ll help, I’ve ended up putting a lot more energy into setting up the business as a whole so that’s exciting and a bit terrifying all at once! The graphic design work I have has been going well, though it’s only one project so far I’m loving it so definitely hoping the freelance work works out.

As I said before, unfortunately all of this energy spent on other things has meant this place has sort of fallen down the list of priorities. I had so many blog posts planned, but a lot of the products aren’t in stock any more. I’m half tempted to post some anyway as I know they’re available on other sites even when the company websites have sold out.

From now on I’m planning on doing a post every Saturday, that will definitely go up so I have a regular post each week. I’ll probably be doing other posts in between but I want to not set my goals too high or I end up disappointed when I don’t do them.

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Other goals I’ve set myself include the standard read more, at the moment I’m aiming for a book a week though that hasn’t gone great and I’ve ended up buying more books than I’ve read! I’m also trying to spend some time each day just relaxing, sitting quietly with a hot drink (I’m loving the Options salted caramel hot chocolate at the moment) and doing something relaxing, whether it’s reading or watching a calm YouTube video.

Speaking of YouTube, it’s motivated me to do another declutter of everything. I’m setting myself the task of doing 15 minutes a day or sorting or tidying or cleaning, whichever I feel would be the best. Then it’s not becoming this massive thing that builds up and becomes a big job. So far in this I’ve sorted through some old boxes, cleared out some clothes I should have got rid of before and managed to tidy areas that get a bit neglected at times.

I’m not sure I have too many other goals, I have some for my freelance work like set up a website and get better at social media again (both for the blog and freelance work), start to actually advertise more and get more jobs. I also want to go on holiday again, probably back to Fuerteventura as I did love it there, but for a bit longer this time, and get out and do more now my energy levels are getting better.

A photo of a light pink mug on a pile of books with more clutter around on a desk

Have you guys set goals for yourselves this year? I know I’m very late on this as it’s March already, so maybe are you managing to stick to any that you set yourself?

It’s great to be back, and now it’s March and the deadline I set myself for learning the coding and putting the blog on the back burner is done I am looking forward to doing more posts, maybe some different ones, and finally giving the blog some more attention again. Thanks if you’ve stayed even through the quiet times, I look forward to chatting with you guys again in the future!

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I hope you enjoyed the post. If you want to see more you can find me on social media:

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