Review: Dark Arts Tin Gift Set

The Dark Arts Tin gift set title image. Behind the text box is a photo of the products inside the tin

Yesterday I did a post on the Harry Potter Chest Gift Set, and today it’s the turn of the more evil side of the franchise with the Deathly Hallows Tin Gift Set. There’s a lot of products in this that are the same, or rather equivalent to, the ones in the other gift set. Originally this tin was £20 so in the sales at the moment it’s £10 and has a range of bath and body products in it.

The tin itself is a nice quality and has a dark design for Harry Potter fans, while inside there’s two sheet masks, a bath bomb, eye mask, makeup bag, nail varnishes and a sheet of nail art stickers with a Deathly Hallows theme.

I do like tins and boxes and this one looks very nice, it’s a sturdy tin and I think it’d be great for storing pretty much anything. For some reason my mind goes straight to keeping it for a cake tin, not sure if that’s what it’ll be used for but it’s a decent size and if you don’t want to be too obviously Harry Potter then the sides are just a sort of smoky dark green pattern so end out on a shelf you wouldn’t know. I’ll probably end up keeping all my chargers and cables in it on a shelf but I don’t know.

Three of the products from the set. There's the makeup back that's a metallic grey purple with a black deathly hallows symbol on it, a cauldron shaped bath fizzer and the gunmetal grey Voldemort wand eyeshadow brush

The main thing that hit me when I opened the tin was the scent of the Cauldron Bath Fizzer which is very strong, even in the wrapper, so I can see it filling all of upstairs with the scent when I use it. It’s a really nice design, it’s very magical and it’s the kind of bath bomb I’d actually keep out in the bathroom, especially as it’s sealed from the moisture. I’m pretty sure the scent from this is almost the same as the one for the Snitch bath bomb yesterday. It’s kind of sweet and floral but doesn’t have the freshness of the other. It might be slightly overwhelming so I’ll have to see if I use the whole thing in one go.

There’s the standard Makeup or Toiletries Bag in here, this is the same shape and style as the other Harry Potter one but with the Deathly Hallows design on it. It’s padded and an ok size for makeup but I don’t think you’d fit everything in there unless you travel very light. It does have a deathly hallows design on the zip pull as well. I might use it but I have a feeling it’ll end up in a drawer.

I do like the Voldemort Eye Brush that came in the set, it has a gunmetal grey finish and the brush itself is pretty much the same as the one I got in the brush set last year. It’s a fairly fluffy brush, somewhere between the standard flat brush some companies do for packing on the colour and a fluffy brush for blending so it kind of works for both applying and blending. Not the best for precision but a brush that a lot of people could use if they don’t want to just display it, which I might end up doing. It’s metal and quite heavy but is actually surprisingly a fairly practical design to hold and the weight keeps it balanced for me.

The two sheet masks with images of Death Eaters on the front. In front is the eye mask with a similar design in grey and black on it.

There are two Sheet Masks in this set, they’re both moisturising and have the designs of the death eater masks for Lucius Malfoy and Bart Crouch Jr. in the later movies. I’m not a huge fan of the later style of Death Eater mask but I do think these masks with patterns on them are fun. I’ll have to see if they actually do anything for my skin but they always feel nice when I use sheet masks anyway.

The Eye Mask is in the style of Bellatrix Estrange’s Death Eater mask and it’s an ok design but the eyes feel a bit weird to me for some reason. Like the Luna mask yesterday it’s ok at blocking out light but not the best and it’s fairly comfortable compared to some I’ve tried where the elastic pulls the mask too tight. It’s lightweight and I can see it being fairly easy to wear and use on a flight but it’s not the biggest so maybe not the best at keeping light out if you want to use it regularly to sleep.

The two bottles of nail varnish with the sheet of nail art stickers behind them

The Nail Varnishes are really nice colours, I do love a good dark nail varnish. The one is a dark grey, almost black, with gunmetal shimmer in it. The second is a dark, almost black, base with a dark green shimmer or duochrome to it which really catches the light and is a bit more of an unusual colour. I found that they do last fairly well and only take a couple of coats to be opaque. These will definitely get a decent amount of use.

The final product in there is the sheet of Nail Stickers, which are in general Harry Potter designs as well as the Deathly Hallows image. I’m not sure about the glasses ones but I do like the lightning bolt and deathly hallows designs. They feel fairly flexible but I have a feeling these are going to be ones that can stick out a bit at the edges so will need a couple of layers of top coat so they don’t catch on everything.

A photo of everything arranged in the tin

I think that, overall for me, this is the better of the two sets. I love the nail varnishes, the sheet masks are always good and I like the bath bomb. There are the couple of products that feel a bit like filler to me in the face mask and the makeup bag, but at £10 in the sale compared to £25 in the sale for the other one I think this one feels a better value.

Of course it’s only a good gift set if you, or the person your buying it for, like the darker side of the Potter universe too, but I think for general Harry Potter fans it’s still a nice gift and does have some more unusual products in it for characters you don’t see as often.

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