Review: Harry Potter Trunk Gift Set

Harry Potter trunk title image. behind the text box is a photo of all of the products that come in the set

Anyone who knows me knows I love Harry Potter, I’m sat here in a jumper with a giant Harry face on at the moment, so when I saw the two gift sets in Boots in the half price offer I had to get them. I’ll do a review of the Deathly Hallows tin tomorrow so check back for that if you’re interested. There are some similar products in it, there’s only a few products that are completely different in them. I’ve been to Boots near me recently and these were both still in stock, they seemed to have quite a few of them.

The Harry Potter Trunk Gift Set has a range of products in it, some of them were available separately (and still could be in the sale) and others were part of a set, I’m not sure any of these products are available exclusively in this set, except the box itself. There’s bath essences, hand cream, sheet masks, a bath bomb, makeup bag and an eye mask so it’s all definitely bath and body related and could make a great few evenings of Harry Potter themed pampering.

I have to admit that the main thing that caught my eye was the box itself, which would be no surprise to people who know me as I may have a few empty boxes from gift sets in my wardrobe that I can’t get rid of. This one is made of cardboard and has a white leather effect finish on the outside. It does rip easily, mine arrived broken but I left it too long to return, if there’s too much weight on top. It has a nice metal catch that holds it closed and does work well, it’s not like some catches that you can pull open without pressing the sides in. It also has a nice pattern printed inside and there’s a blue ribbon on the right that holds it open so it doesn’t flop all the way back and damage the lid.

A photo of the four bottle of bath essence. Each is in a small clear plastic bottle with a rose gold lid and a label that has a picture of the silhouette of the animal that is associated with the house. Each of the bath essence colours matches the main house colour so green for Slytherin, red for Gryffindor, blue for Ravenclaw and yellow for Hufflepuff

The first products I saw inside was the set of four Bath Essences, these were available as a set on their own but I haven’t seen them in the sale recently. Each of them has a different scent, though I’m not sure how they link to each house. They are all fairly generic scents, two of them remind me of ones I’ve used in hotel showers.

The Gryffindor one is slightly sweet but definitely a hotel shower gel type smell to me, maybe there’s some fruit in there but it’s not easy to distinguish. I’d say that Ravenclaw is very similar, though this has a slightly more ozone type smell in there too. Slytherin is fresher but still a generic unisex type smell. The best of the four to me is the Hufflepuff one which is pretty much the same scent as the Body Shop satsuma products. This is one I’d buy again, the others not so much.

I do like the bottles and the fact that each of the rose gold lids has the animal that goes with the house. I’d be tempted to keep these to decant larger bottles into to put in the bathroom but that’s the best thing about the three of them really. I guess they are all fairly spa like smells though, so if you like those kinds of scents they may be great for you.

A photo with the three sheet masks along the back, the designs are Luna Lovegood's glasses, Harry Potter's glasses and scar and Hedwig the owl. In front of that is an eye mask with Luna's glasses and a pink background

There are three Sheet Masks, each of them has a design on it that shows on the mask itself. They’re all moisturising so I don’t think the formula inside is any different. It would have been nice if they were slightly different though. I haven’t opened them to try but I think these ones with a printed design are more about the fun of the design than any lasting effects, though they do often feel nice in the short term.

The other mask type product is kind of an underwhelming one in the shape of the Luna Lovegood Eye Mask. It’s not that it’s bad but these are something else you get in a lot of sets. It’s fairly thin and the elastic isn’t too tight, which is good as sometimes they seem to pull too much to be comfortable for me. I do like the design but I think it could do with being a bit more blackout to me, it does a bit but as it’s pink and fairly thin it doesn’t make a huge difference to the light coming through.

A photo with the Hedwig hand cream, the Hogwarts makeup bag, Ron Weasley fan brush and the Snitch bath fizzer

As with a lot of these sets there’s a Makeup Bag, which has a nice design of the Hogwarts crest but with the more modern style for each house that they’ve used in the past on eyeshadow palettes. It’s all on a rose gold background and does stand out as slightly different to a lot of the Hogwarts makeup bags out there. The zip is nice and easy to use and it is padded inside so would keep any makeup safe in there, but I have so many of these it’ll probably end up in a drawer somewhere. This is one product that I think may be exclusive to the set, though I’m not sure, as I haven’t seen it sold individually.

The Hedwig Hand Cream is such a cute pot that I am planning on washing out and using for jewellery or something when I’m done with the hand cream. The hand cream is pretty nice, it’s not the most moisturising but it does a decent job. Scent wise it seems sweet and slightly floral and I think there’s some pepper in there so it’s not too generic but it’s still one I think most people wouldn’t find offensive, it’s a safe sort of smell.

I did get the Harry Potter Wand makeup brush set for Christmas last year so I already have a very similar Ron Weasley Cosmetic Fan Brush from that set. The main difference is that it goes from light to dark and my old one goes the opposite way. Also, this one doesn’t seem to be quite as soft as the other, though that may be down to age and use. I do like fan brushes for highlight, but I think they could have done a more multi-use brush in this set considering they’re already making them all in this year’s version of the same set.

The Golden Snitch Bath Bomb is so big, if I could break it up like I do Lush bath bombs I’d hope to get maybe four baths out of it, though I’m not sure it would work as well as them. It’s a fairly generic scent, but it maybe reminds me of some of the more sea or spa based smells rather than anything else. It’s slightly sweet but has a freshness to it, which is odd but it’s not a bad smell, just not that memorable. I have a feeling this one will make a mess of me and the bath when I use it with all that gold shimmer on the outside!

A photo of everything in the gift set laid out in the trunk

Overall I’m happy with this set, at £25 anyway. I don’t think it would be worth the original price of £50 to me, even if they are worth that individually. I will use pretty much everything in here and will enjoy them, but some of them did feel like the cheap filler that they add into all these sets. I get that maybe it’s meant for younger fans and they might not already have ten makeup bags and eye masks, and it does give you a nice set with things for a Harry Potter themed pamper evening, but it could have been better.

I think it would be a great gift for a Harry Potter fan who likes these sorts of products, at £25 it’s not too bad a price, but I feel like you are paying for the box and anything licensed to Harry Potter is expensive anyway in most shops. I think it could be a great box if you’re a Harry Potter fan who likes bath and body products as well, it’s why I bought it, but be prepared for a couple of products you may not use that much.

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