Review: Full Panda Gift Sets Part 1

Full Panda Sets title image. Behind the text box is a photo of the three sets in their boxes

The next few posts will be things I bought in the sales, mainly in Boots. I wasn’t sure whether to do these posts or not but I went into a few of my local Boots and every set I’m posting about was in at least one of them so I thought I would as you might be able to find them in your local store even if they’re sold out online.

I actually bought these sets just before Christmas, so now they’re half price. I’m not normally one to go for celebrity collaborations, but I dis like the look of the Claudia Winkleman Full Panda range she did with Boots. I’m hoping these will be an all year range but I have a feeling they may be Christmas only. I wanted to try everything but I got three to start with (there will be a couple more sets in a few days). I got the Add to Basket… set which has three eyeshadow sticks, All Week Long which has three lipsticks in it, and The Must Have Kit which has a bit of everything for a full face look in her style.

The three sets in their boxes

If you know who Claudia Winkleman is you will probably recognise her own makeup style in a lot of these products. She tends to go for a bit of highlight, some bronze and the smoky eye that’s basically a blended out black eyeliner, or at least looks like it. This collection is definitely on brand with that look.

The three eyeshadow crayons out of their box with the lid off

I’ll start with the Add to Basket… set, which was £10 so now £5 which is a great price for three eyeshadows. The three colours included are Classic (a standard black), No Messing (a gunmetal grey metallic) and Excitable (a khaki or antique gold shimmer). I really like the names and how on brand they are too. They’re all twist up thick pencils, the shape and style reminds me of the Kat Von D and Billie Joe Armstrong anti-precision liner I have. I was half hoping Classic might be a replacement for that but the formula doesn’t work the same.

Swatches of the three eyeshadows pencils

Having had these a while I’ve been able to play around with them. I found the best way to use them is to apply them and then blend them out, or use them as a base for other colours. I did try building them up to be highly pigmented but they’re too oily and end up creasing on me even with a primer. Having them blended out with a primer they last a decent amount of time, but really do benefit from a setting powder or setting spray on top as that extends their wear from four to five hours up to maybe eight when I removed my makeup. I do love how easy they are to use and I really like the look of Excitable as a sheer gold colour, the precision you can get with a pencil makes them great for under your eyes as well.

The All Week Long lipsticks out of their box, it shows the tubes with the lids off and the lipstick twisted up a bit

Another three piece set is the All Week Long lipstick set, originally £12.50 so it’s £6.25 now in the sale. All three of these are matte lipsticks and I love the matte black packaging with the band at the bottom of the tube as well as the sticker on the base to show which colour is which. The three colours are Thursday (matte nude), Friday (matte red, more of an orange red) and Saturday (matte berry).

Swatches of the three lipsticks, the nude, orange red and deep purple berry

Although they say they’re matte I would say these are more of a crème, I did not get a matte finish from these unless I blotted them with a tissue. This does work and you can build up the colour to become highly pigmented again as it does remove some of the colour. I love these colours, they do have decent staying power for a traditional lipstick but the palest nude colour only lasts maybe an hour or two before I need to reapply it if I just use it as a standard lipstick rather than blotting it. The darker colours aren’t as bad, but it might be partly because my lips are fairly pigmented so darker colours show wear less. They don’t actually transfer onto things that much, I think it may be from my lips rubbing against each other as much as anything, and they do not survive any food.

This set is decent but not the best of the range, I will use and love them but I’m not sure I’d recommend them. At half price though they are just over £2 each so for that price they’re great pigmentation wise and they’d be a nice gift set for someone.

The Must Have Kit products out of the box. They all have matte black packaging with the primer in a pump bottle, the bronzer in a compact, the highlighter is a twist up stick, the eyeliner pencil and the mascara tube.

The Must Have Kit was £20 at full price, so £10 in the sale and has a bit of everything for a full face look. It includes a primer, bronzer, multipurpose highlighter stick, eyeliner and mascara. They’re all in fairly traditional colours and I can see them working for a range of skin tones. They all have the matte black packaging, though I would say that the bronzer maybe doesn’t feel as well made as the rest. It’s mainly because of the way the bronzer inside is so loose and is hard to get the brush out from underneath without just turning the whole package and waiting for the bronzer to go one way or the other so I can see it maybe getting broken as it gets closer to hitting pan.

The Life Enhancing Primer is a shimmery base, which I’m not the biggest fan of normally. It gives a golden glow, which is more of a sheen than a shimmer so it does give a glowy look and thicker foundation can cover it pretty much completely. It does work pretty well as a primer, though it doesn’t feel either tacky or leave that powdery feeling on my face so I’m not sure how it works really.

The Bronzer is definitely shimmery too, it’s pale enough that it works really well on paler skin tones and I can see it working on mid tones too maybe, but darker skin it would work really well as a highlighter I think. It does give a golden glow with some tiny glitter particles so it’s different from the bronzers I have and I might use it in the summer.

swatches of the different products on the back of my hand
Left to right: primer, highlighter, bronzer and eyeliner

I love the Stick of Magic Multi-Purpose Highlighter as it’s so easy to use, you can get the precise application and blend it out. It’s got a shimmer base that has a golden tint to it, though it’s not too much. It does also have some glitter in it, so for me it’s like my everyday highlighters but a step up so good for evenings out or I think it’d be nice in the summer or on holidays. I can see it working really well on your body too, it would be so easy to use on your collarbone or anywhere else.

The Eyeliner & Blender with Sharpener is a decent enough eyeliner. It’s definitely one that works better when blended out as it stays put but can take a bit longer to set than my favourites. I was surprised that it’s got a hint of shimmer in there with some gold particles. It’s very pigmented, applies very easily and is so soft on your eyes I love it. As I say it does take a bit to set and the glitter means it’s not good for my waterline, but other than that it’s a great eyeliner and I love the way the sharpener is stored. You pull the blender end off and it’s a small plastic piece that works well to sharpen it and means you have it with you without a bulky lid for travel.

I haven’t actually tried the Mascara yet as I have enough on the go and in my stash to last a while, every set you get seems to come with black mascaras so I hardly ever buy them. This seems like a nice formula though and I like the shape of the brush and how it picks up the mascara. I’ve got it down as my next one to use when my non waterproof one runs out.

The outside box from the Must Have Kit. it's a matte black box with shiny black finish bamboo pattern on it

One thing I will say about the whole Full Panda collection, one of the things that drew me to it originally, is the packaging for the products themselves. They’re so clean and they have the matte black look with a band of colour to show what they are for the stick products. I think it looks so classic and more expensive than the products actually are. They also all have good closing mechanisms, they click closed and stay shut. I do also really like the packaging for the sets, the boxes have a nice simple look and I will be keeping the box for The Must Have Kit, I have all of the Full Panda stuff in it that will fit at the moment.

I really like these products and in the sale I think they’re a great gift for someone who likes makeup, whether it’s a teenage girl just getting into it or an adult. Everything is pretty much basic makeup products and I think that anyone would use them if they’re a product type they like. As I said there’s a couple more sets I bought in the sale so I’ll post about them in a few days and one of them is not just makeup so there’s other products in the line too.

Have any of you tried any of the Full Panda range? Have you got any favourites already? I’m tempted to get the last couple of sets I haven’t got if I see them in a sale but I probably shouldn’t. I seem to have grown my makeup collection a lot over Christmas, more than I meant to considering I’m doing decluttering as well!

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