First Impressions: No7 Best Face Forward Gift Set

Best Face Forward gift set title image. Behind the text box is a photo of the box of the gift set with their photo of the products inside

I’ve always loved No7 skin care, it just seems to work for my skin, but it seems so expensive to get a full sized version of the ones I want to try, so when I saw that they had their Best Face Forward Set, with eleven products in and quite a lot of them skincare, down at £39 I had to get it. As I’m writing this it’s still on offer so hopefully it’ll be available either in a store near you or online. Even if it isn’t, at the full price of £80 it’s a good deal compared to getting them individually which shows how much of a discount you get on offer.

Everything in the set is focused on your face, as the name suggests, with makeup, masks and general skin care products. They’re all full sized, though I don’t think you can buy the sheet mask individually, and a few of them are ones I know I love and had wanted to repurchase. This is basically a first impressions of the others as I know this won’t be around for long so wanted to get it up quickly but still tried everything. Also I will probably do reviews of almost everything in this box at some time, so any in particular you’re interested in please leave a comment and I’ll try to do that one early in the list.

Unfortunately, as I am writing this, the website is down ready for them to put it back up for the sale. I will add the links afterwards as I’m sure most of these, if not all, are permanent products so I’ll add the links then.

If you follow my blog you may know I tend to like packaging for these things, and I do love this box and will be keeping it for something, not sure what but I’m sure I’ll use it, as I love the blue colour. Also the pattern inside and the fact it’s pretty thick and well made. It would be perfect to stack with things in it, maybe even my spare skin care that I’m going to be building up after this and Christmas. I have a problem with boxes don’t I? Anyone else do this?

Photo of the Airbrush away primer tube, the lip gloss tube and the Mascara packaging, which is gold and glittery

I’ll start off with the few pieces I’d put in the makeup category. The first is Airbrush Away Primer, which is a really nice, fairly thick primer. It comes out of the tube like a lotion but once it’s spread around it has more of the feel of a silicon based primer, the kind that leaves your skin feeling powdery rather than tacky. It feels smooth and does make a nice base for makeup. There is a bit of a scent to it, it reminds me of sun cream for some reason, but no reaction for my sensitive skin. This comes in a 30ml tube and costs £16.50 full priced.

The second is a lip gloss, it’s the High Shine Lip Gloss in Naturally Nude, it’s a very nice neutral colour and not too pigmented but does leave a bit of colour on your lips. It’s not tacky when it dries but it doesn’t fully dry down for me. It does leave a nice sheen on my lips and I quite like it over brown and neutral coloured liquid lipsticks, though it does reduce their wear time a bit. This is a full sized 8ml tube and would cost £9.

The packaging on the Lash Impact Ultra Mascara in Black is definitely eye catching and goes with the holiday season. The brush itself is nice, it’s got a good shape to it and doesn’t grab too much product to make it clumpy. It’s designed to be a one coat volume boosting mascara, as I have one on the go already I haven’t tried it but I’m looking forward to seeing if it does what it says. It’s a fairly expensive mascara for me at £14 but if it’s as good as it says it could be worth it.

From left to right in the photo are the packaging for the sheet mask and the two tubes for the eye and lip care products.

The next products come from the Protect and Perfect skin care range from No7, though they do have different categories within this. This is the products range aimed at their younger customers with a recommended age of 25-35 so I’m right in the middle there.

I’ve used their Protect and Perfect Lip Care before, I got it as a free gift with purchase, and I do love it. It’s not the most intense lip treatment out there so not one for very chapped lips but it does help when mine are not at their best. This 10ml tube costs £10 so I’d say it’s not a bad price compared to some lip treatments I’ve tried that seem to work just as well.

Their Protect and Perfect Advanced Eye Cream is one I haven’t tried, though I do keep meaning to get back into using eye creams so this would be a good place to start. It’s a nice, fairly thin consistency that sinks in easily and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy but does feel moisturised. I’m interested to see how this works out longer term as, at £18 for this tube, it’s a bit on the expensive side but could be worth it as a little seems to go a long way.

I love the Protect and Perfect Advanced Serum Boost Sheet Mask, this is one sheet mask that I would consider paying the £25 for a pack of four, and I never thought I’d say that. It’s supposed to be used once weekly and that is enough, it does leave my skin feeling amazing and the feeling actually lasts. I just realised I don’t have a review of these up yet, I will definitely be doing that in the new year as I got them as a free gift with purchase and, as I said, I am actually considering paying over £6 for a sheet mask which I never thought would happen. Also love the unusual shape, it hooks round your ears to stay in place and even goes down under your chin and has more holes for your ears to keep that in place too.

The two jars of the moisturisers. On the left is the night cream which has a greener layer inside the glass of the jar and the day cream that has a white layer inside, though both of the creams are white.

In the set there’s also the Protect and Perfect Advanced Day and Night creams. I’ve had the day cream before in a mini size as a free gift and loved it. It sinks in well, not too oily for my combination skin, and does leave it feeling nice and moisturised but not greasy. The SPF 15 is nice too. It does have a slightly perfumed skin care scent but nothing too much and it fades very quickly. The only down side is the price, at £24 it’s a lot more than I normally spend, but I’ve relearnt recently that skin care is somewhere that it’s worth spending more so I might consider it for the less sunny days as I need higher SPF in the summer.

The night cream I haven’t tried before but it feels really nice, I’ll see how it compares to the Marks and Spencer’s one but I like how light it feels ad it’s not one it says you have to wash off the next morning so makes me think it all sinks into your skin. It has the same, slightly sun cream, scent that most No7 products seem to have in this range but it seems to be working with my skin. This one is also £25, which could be worth it. I have found that the night creams that have a good effect on my skin do tend to be more expensive than the day ones so not so far out of range for me in that category, which probably makes no sense.

From left to right are a large squeezy tube with the cleanser in it, a bottle of the eye makeup remover and the pump bottle that has the mask in it.

The last group is pretty much ‘things that don’t fit anywhere else’ and it’s all skin care. I did actually think I’d give the one away as a gift for Christmas, which might still happen, but I don’t think they read my blog so I’m safe I hope!

The first thing is the Radiant Results Purifying Clay Cleanser. This is not something I can say I’ve ever seen in Boots, or at least I’ve never paid attention to it. I have tended to stick to certain cleansers but this one intrigued me as I’ve never used a clay based one before. I’ve used soaps with a bit of pink clay in them but I found them drying and nowhere near this creamy as they tended to be bars. This one is easy to use, you wet your hands a bit, add this and then apply to your face before wiping it off. It does work best removing it with a flannel but so far no dryness. I’ll have to see longer term but I’m actually more impressed than I thought I’d be. At £4.75 this is definitely one I would consider buying again. I’m going to double check that price when the Boots website is back up as it seems cheap for this product but if it’s true then it’s cheaper than most other cleansers I use, I just tend to think of the more expensive No7 products but I guess this shows it isn’t always.

Next is also in the Radiant Results  range, this time the Revitalising Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover. I have to admit I haven’t given this one any really tough products to remove like the mascaras that take a bit more work, but so far it’s worked nicely. It feels nice and gentle on my skin and my eyes. I know you’re not meant to get any in your eyes but who hasn’t sometimes accidentally when removing liner? It’s not a big bottle at 100ml but at £4.25 it’s not too bad a price, maybe not one I use for my whole face but it does feel nice in my eye area.

The final product is the Instant Results Nourishing Hydration Mask for dry or very dry skin. This looks nice with the two product types of the gel and cream swirled together, though that won’t last long. It seems like the kind of mask that would be refreshing and easy to use, though it does need to be removed at the end rather than left on. Unfortunately I can’t find this with the Boots site down but I’m guessing from ebay prices that it’s in the £5-£8 range which isn’t bad considering I can see you being able to get a decent number of face masks from this, even if you decided to use it on your neck too. It’s also a quick mask, it says 2-3 minutes works or use it for 10 for a more intense boost so it’s not one that takes ages and could be a nice pick me up or pamper in a normal day.

The inside of the box when you first open it with all of the products held in place by a clear plastic moulded piece that they fit into perfectly so they won't get damaged.

Overall I am very impressed with both the range of products in the box and the quality of the ones I hadn’t tried before. I think it’s a great way to get to try No7 products and would be a great gift for someone else or yourself, if it’s still available. I would say if it is around, especially at the reduced price, and you’re looking for a new skin care routine, or just want to try new skin care products, then it’s definitely worth picking up.

If you’re more into makeup then probably not with the three products in there, though even just those three come to £39.50 so the rest is free and would be great gifts for people if you split them up and you didn’t want to try them. If that’s the way you’re doing it I’d recommend keeping the sheet mask though, seriously love those!

Have any of you guys already picked this set up? Or tried any of these products? Do you have any favourite No7 skin care that isn’t here that I should try? I’m definitely going more towards spending a bit on my skin care if it works for me but I never know where to start!

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