Blogmas 2019, Days 16-20: The Last Minute Christmas Panic has Started!

Oops, that should be 20 not 21!

I guess most people do this, but I started this years Christmas preparations feeling very organised. I knew what I was getting people, I even started ordering things in September, but somehow I was still Christmas shopping today! How does this always happen? Next year I’m starting in June!

I have to say that today’s was the first disappointment from the Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar. I opened the door and the bag was already open and at least seven pieces were missing, probably more considering I’ve always had spares. It’s supposed to have all four house shields and be a platform for a statue, no way that’ll work with what I have. Anyway, the rest of the days were good. I finished off the house banners with Huffelpuff, got a pretty detailed looking festive fireplace with a wreath and cherries for some reason, and a nice looking chess set for the scale complete with a couple of microfigures. I also got a smart Professor Flitwick with a couple of extra bow ties that would work well on any minifigure. I think they’d work really well on some of the older tuxedo or suit wearing ones from before these added extras.

There’s been some nicely detailed charms in the Harry Potter charm bracelet calendar too. A couple of dangly ones in gold in the shape of Harry’s glasses and scar and a golden snitch with detailed feathery wings. There’s also two rose gold with one spacer style bead and one of the flying keys from the first book. This is another charm that is Harry Potter but also could be a pretty generic charm if you felt like going with something less obviously themed. The final charm was a Platform 9 3/4 sign style bead in silver. It’s a simple design but very obviously Harry Potter and does look nice on the silver bracelet. I only realised today that Pandora actually do similar shaped charms, I’ve never been a fan of their bracelets but this is a style I could get into.

The Friends advent calendar had a bag charm that was a classic design that I remember people having on pencil cases years ago. It’s a photo from fairly early on in the show’s run done in a Polaroid style frame and pastel purple and orange background. I like how it’s got that nostalgia feeling to it and a classic friends image. The Central Perk logo with two coffee cups is another iconic Friends image. I like the fact that they’ve included the Friends characters names but I’m not sure if I’d have preferred more of the charms that reference jokes from the show, though having Phoebe’s name is almost finishing the group. I do love the Pivot moment, I think it’s probably one of those that gets referred to most when people mention friends and the ongoing Regina Phalange joke for Phoebe works really well as a name badge style enamel pin.

I think this years Marks and Spencer’s advent calendar has been great, I’m actually using quite a few of the products and not just because I have them, they genuinely work well for my skin. One of these is the Skyn and M&S limited edition Minty Lip Fix which tastes amazing, is definitely very minty and refreshing, but also soothing and very moisturising without feeling greasy. This is one I’d buy again if it wasn’t limited edition.

The mini L’occitane hand cream is always nice, these work really well and the scent is pretty neutral so I don’t think I’ve come across anyone who hates it. The only thing about this is how tiny it is, I can see it lasting two or three uses if you use a lot of it, so it’s one to use sparingly and a nice size for in your bag.

I’ve been using the Pure SPF 15 moisturiser and my skin seems to love it. It does have a bit of an organic smell to it, I can’t pin point exactly what it is but it’s earthy rather than perfumed. It sinks in well, you only need a small amount, and it isn’t overly greasy and hasn’t broken my skin out, which happens a lot with the ones claiming to be rich. I’m not sure about oily skin types but I’d say anyone else could use it.

I’m not a fan of lavender sprays and haven’t got on with the This Works Sleep sprays, but this Sleep Together Calming Spray isn’t pure lavender and is a bit more subtle so I’m going to give it a go. It’s also a very big spray bottle so this is going to last a while even if I use it every night.

The final beauty products is a double ended Eyeshadow brush from Marks and Spencer, it has the one end for applying eyeshadow and I’m assuming the other end is for blending it out as it’s fluffier. I don’t always get on with double ended brushes because I store mine stood up, but this one does have protective plastic sleeves for each end so I’m leaving them on and hoping they stop it from getting ruined. If not this will just be for travel as it seems like it will work well and feels very soft and well made.

I’m not sure how December has flown by this fast! I’m half way through my present wrapping and have blog posts I was hoping to have up before Christmas. It might end up there’s a post a day as there’s some Christmas sets that I want to post about that I only got the past day or two. I’ll be doing one more advent post, hopefully on Christmas Eve, as I think not doing them every day works better. Hope you’re all not too stressed out at this time of year and able to relax a bit in the lead up to Christmas if you celebrate it!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post, I’d love to hear about your Christmas preparations too. You can find me on social media @thoughtfulpigeon on Instagram or @thoughtfulpige1 on twitter.

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