Blogmas 2019, Days 12 – 15

I hate being ill, I know everyone says that and it’s probably pointless saying it, but it always seems to happen when there are fun things happening. I’m used to having to cancel because f various health issues, but for some reason when it’s a virus or something that’s going round I find it more annoying. It seems like this year there’s even more going round than normal.

Anyway, basically I’ve spent the past week on antibiotics feeling sorry for myself so the past few days have been trying to watch Christmassy movies and listen to songs and get back into the Christmas spirit. It’s kind of working, definitely going to be trying to watch at least one Christmas movie a day in the lead up to Christmas as I have so many on my to watch list. Do you guys have any favourites you watch every year? Any less well known ones you love and would recommend? I love finding new holiday movies to watch.

I like the mix of sweets I’ve been getting in the Haribo advent calendar, I’ll definitely be considering this for next year if they do one, I love trying sweets we don’t normally get in the UK. The sour maoam is probably my favourite so far I think. I do love having the chocolate of the Kinder mini calendar.

All of the Friends charms for the past few days have been for the charm beacelet and I like the mix of ones with the colour and the ones that are just metal. I like that Phoebe’s guitar is in there, it’s a big part of her character and would work if you want a generic not friends themed bracelet. The frame around the peephole in the apartment door is another iconic Friends image. Marcel and the lobster are both designs I like, both very memorable from the show and small enough that they look good amongst the metal charms. The designs are detailed enough to make them recognisable and I like the art style.

The Harry Potter charm bracelet is growing with another of the house shield charms with Slytherin. There’s the first spacer style bead in gold glitter with a gold metal base. The hanging charm of a golden broom is a nice shape and is quite distinctive as a Harry Potter one rather than a generic witches broom. The fourth charm I have to admit I’m not 100% sure which cup it’s supposed to be. As it’s gold I’m going with the goblet of fire but maybe there’s an official list somewhere that’s got it down as something else. Either way it’s a nice looking charm, just not my favourite.

I really like how they’re including quite a few minifigures in the Harry Potter Lego advent calendar and the food for the feast. Hermione in her school uniform looks good but kind of out of place in the Christmas theme but as she’s not at Hogwarts in the Christmas holiday it makes sense. I like the food they’re adding though the croissants look a bit out of place for a Christmas meal. The Ravenclaw banner adds to the house colours and I love the witch and wizardry themed snowman. With the trees there’s some for the outside of the castle as well as everything from inside the Great Hall.

My skin is so dry I do love a good body butter, so seeing the Beautiful Butters Coconut Body Butter in the Marks and Spencer’s Beauty Advent Calendar was a nice surprise. I like these smaller tubs, they’re great to throw in a bag for travel. The only thing is it’s a very sun lotion kind of coconut, I’d have preferred another scent, but I will be keeping it for the warmer months.

The past few years they’ve had a small spray bottle perfume from Shay and Blue and I do like their scents. They’re normally a bit different and have some depth to them. This year’s it’s White Leaches, which is a nice light scent but seems pretty floral for something with peaches in the name. I do smell peach but it’s not that strong. Another more summery scent for me and not that different to a lot of high street perfumes on my skin compared to their others, though my skin can make them go odd so it’s probably different on others.

I do love face masks and clay ones seem to do a really good job for me when my skin is playing up a bit. The Emma Hardie Purifying Pink Clay Detox Mask has a slightly perfumed scent to it, definitely rose scented to me, but it feels really nice and a thin layer does seem to work when I tired it on my hand. I’ve not got on with their products before, my skin reacted to them, but no problems so far so I’ll do a proper post on this as it seems really soothing.

I’m not always a fan of hair care products in these calendars but I have had the Percy and Reed Wonder Balm before and I do like it. I won’t say it’s amazing but it does seem to help soften my hair and tame the frizz a bit when I use it. I love that it’s a big tube, I think I’ve only had the smaller travel sized version before, so this will last a while. Not sure it’s a product I would ever pay for but it is nice.

I think these four days have been great, definitely liking everything in the beauty advent calendar and like that the Harry Potter and Friends charm bracelets are filling out. I love the way their making a winter scene with the Lego and sweets are always good!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post, I’d love to hear about your Christmas preparations too. You can find me on social media @thoughtfulpigeon on Instagram or @thoughtfulpige1 on twitter.

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