Blogmas 2019, Days 8-11: Where is December Going?

How is it already over a week into December? It feels like everything is happening at once and the last minute panic for the presents I haven’t got yet is kicking in. I felt so organised this year as well. Probably doesn’t help that I’m ill and all the family gatherings seem to be happening now so I’m sort of only half there all the time. I’m hoping the antibiotics kick in before this weekend for the big family meal as we don’t get to see each other very often.

I love family get togethers, or catching up with friends, seeing people you don’t see for most of the year and catching up with their lives. The best ones are when it doesn’t feel like a year ago you last talked. Though it feels like there’s less family get together as I get older, I guess that happens naturally anyway as everyone starts their own families and new traditions, but it does feel weird sometimes. Do you guys have family meals and meet ups this time of year, or catching up with friends you hardly ever see?

I have been so bad when it comes to the sweets advent calendars, they don’t tend to survive until the photos. The Kinder Mini one has all been the same two flavours, but the Haribo has had Phantasmia (I hope I got that right), more of the sours, a packet of Maoam balls and a roll of Haribo gummy sweets I have never had before but wish they did in the uk. They’re the same flavours as the regular gummy bears but as they’re like slightly squashed fruit pastilles they last so much longer. Kind of wish I’d kept them for a journey as they’d be great for that.

The Harry Potter Lego advent calendar is still adding to the festive scene, though I am slightly annoyed that I already lost one of the ‘mashed potato’ yellow ball looking things within half a hour of opening it as it doesn’t attach to anything and sits in the plate. Also wish the turkey could actually attach to things, the hole on the bottom doesn’t fit any Lego so it has to sit on the table and be careful you don’t knock it. I love Ron in his little Christmas jumper to match Harry’s from the first year Christmas, and the candle on the second bench I got is a nice detail and can be held by the minifigures, even if it’s a bit awkward. The Slytherin banner adds to the Gryffindor one so I think each house will be represented by the end, maybe with a table each too, I can’t remember.

Carrying on with Harry Potter I really like the detail in two of the charms that were in the four days. They’re the same design as on the front of last year’s Harry Potter eyeshadow palettes in Boots and have a really nice amount of detail considering how small they are. In the photo it’s more obvious on the Hufflepuff but it’s there for Ravenclaw too. I like the way they chose silver and gold for the backgrounds to best go with the house colours and the glitter isn’t over the top. There’s also the Gryffindor house tie and a small gold version of the Ministry of Magic wax seal. I like that it’s another subtle Harry Potter one, unless you look closely to read it it’s just a patterned gold charm.

The Friends advent calendar has more of the non charm accessories again, though I’m still not sure about the ‘She’s the Monica to my Rachel’ design I can see some people liking it and having a pin badge is nice. I like the How You Doin bag charm, the black and silver means it will go on so many things, and the silver Joey charm is simple but definitely Friends themed. I like the Turkey with glasses on, it’s definitely a distinctly Friends thing, I can’t think of another show that has appeared on, but I feel like it would work better as a bag charm or pin as I think it’s the first charm for the bracelet that has enamel on and stands out as different. It’s also pretty big for the charm bracelet. I guess there are likely to be more of 5em by the end so it might not stick out so much, but it just looks odd on there to me at the moment.

The final advent calendar is the Marks and Spencer’s Beauty advent calendar and it has one of my favourite M&S products ever, the Ultimate Sleep Cream from Formula Absolute. I’ve done a review on it before and it’s one of those products that I am happy to get and love using but always forget to get the full sized one, maybe this time I will.

I also got two different Multi-Correction Creams, which seems a bit odd considering they were within three days of the advent calendar, I know day eight was the sleep cream. If you’ve had anything from the Nuxe Paris Prodigeuse range you will know the scent of this Creme Prodigeuse Boost. It’s very scented and floral and not something I’d probably choose as a scent for my face, but it does go away after a few minutes and it’s a nice gel consistency that sinks in very fast.

I have to admit that I’m never that excited by products from Filorga, I am yet to find any that really work for me and they always seem to be such tiny samples that it’s hard to really try them. This one isn’t overly perfumed but I wouldn’t say it smells nice, it’s an odd smell that reminds me of hairdressers, so another I wouldn’t choose as a scent for my skincare really. It’s pretty thick but does spreads easily and sinks in pretty well so maybe this one will surprise me.

The final of the beauty products is a Body Building shampoo from Philip Kingsley that’s supposed to be volumising, which I really don’t need. It does smell pretty good and it’s nice to try something else from the brand other than the elasticizer that I do not seem to be able to get to work for me no matter how much other people love it. I’ll give this a go and it is a nice size sample, even with my thick fairly long hair I see it lasting two or three washes, so for fine hair it would do more. Might be a good one for travel, though I don’t tend to risk keeping these things without trying them when it comes to hair care.

For the four days here I was pretty happy with everything, though you sort of know what you’re getting with the three of them anyway there’s still a chance the charm or Lego might be a bit of a dud and either not make sense or be a bit rubbish. The beauty advent calendar had a lot of skin care but I am happy with it, I get to try new things and the shampoo might work for me. My hair is weird in that it’s very thick but a lot of the time it seems like volumising products help to keep the frizz at bay.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post, I’d love to hear about your Christmas preparations too. You can find me on social media @thoughtfulpigeon on Instagram or @thoughtfulpige1 on twitter.

3 thoughts on “Blogmas 2019, Days 8-11: Where is December Going?

  1. You have some great advent calendars! I’ve been busy getting ready for my daughter to come home from college. She’s bringing her boyfriend (whom I haven’t met yet), so we are trying to get our house looking nice. I haven’t had time to do anything fun yet.

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