Blogmas 2019 Days 5-7: Christmas Markets

I haven’t really been to many Christmas markets, probably only two before this one, but there was a Christmas market fair turning on the lights thing today in the local town so we went and had a wander round. I did end up buying some food, everything always looks so good I could ave bought way more, and I kind of wish I’d bought some of the tombola tickets, but it a definitely worth a wander round for an hour or so.

Do any of you go to Christmas fairs or markets? I tend to find with bigger ones you have so many stalls with exactly the same things being sold but this one was local companies, mainly food, with a few handmade crafts and drink stalls. Wasn’t the most Christmassy weather to wander round in but it was fun and getting there early, quite a bit before thee lights were turned on, was a good idea. Will definitely be going back next year if we’re around and they do it.

I am a bit behind on this so it’s three days in one, and the Haribo has had a mix of different things, I think all three were Christmas themed ones. The most different was the gingerbread one on day 3. I was looking forward to this one, I thought it might have been gingerbread or spiced flavour, but it turned out to be brown and clear gingerbread shapes in the flavour of the two halves of their cola bottles, which was nice just not that different. The Kinder mini had two more of the puffed cereal ones and one of the plain ones, I’m really liking these as they’re quite light chocolate and not overly rich so easy to eat whenever.

The Friends charm bracelet had an enamel badge on day 5 with Joeys phrase ‘How you doin’’ on it, which I love. I do collect enamel badges so this would always be a good gift in an advent calendar for me. Yesterday was a key charm, which is a nice charm whether your a fan of Friends or not so could go on any charm bracelet even if it has no theme. All three of the advent things have a gold base, the third door had a pizza charm with little orange gems on it as pepperoni.

The first if the Harry Potter charm ones was a silver lightning bolt with gems in that catch the light nicely. I like that little detail and the size of this as it slides nicely between any of the other charms without having too much of a gap around the design. The other two charms have had a gold base, the one being a Hufflepuff tie to join the Slytherin one from day one, and the other being a gold version of the Harry Potter logo that’s often used with the snitch circling it. I’m not sure how much I like this one, it’s not that obvious what it is and I think there are other things they could have included instead.

The Harry Potter Lego advent calendar had one mini figure on the 6th with Professor McGonagall, I really like the detail on the robes and the fact that the legs are movable rather than the solid wedge shaped blocks they often use for dresses. I do wish there was a hint of hair on her but it’s a nice minifigure anyway and recognisable as her. Day 5 was a Gryffindor banner for the great hall with red and gold, and day 7 had a bench with a couple of gold goblets for you to sit your minifigure s at or put the food that I can see is going to be in later doors.

The Marks and Spencer’s Beauty advent calendar has kept on giving great gifts with a night cream from REN in day 5, which feels really nice and moisturising but not too oily so I think would work for any skin type, it sinks in very quickly even though it seems quite thick when you squeeze it out of the tube. It does have a slightly herby smell I’m not sure about, reminds me of Italian herbs I use in bolognese, but it’s not overpowering and it does disappear quickly.

Day 6 had a full sized black eyeliner from Autograph, M&S’s own makeup brand. I love how soft this is, it glides on so easily and doesn’t move much once it’s set. The only down side is it isn’t the blackest black compared to others like my favourite from Sleek, but it’s very easy to use and can be layered up without irritating your eye as it’s so soft and creamy.

Today’s box had a full sized Nails Inc nail varnish in Weekend Millionaire, which is a great colour for Christmas and a bit different from the red or cranberry colours you normally get in these advent calendars. It does have a purpley pink base that’s metallic but has really pretty shimmer in it in a silver colour and some slightly chunkier glitter too. It really catches the light nicely and was actually opaque in one coat which I found pretty good.

Definitely happy with all of these so far, there’s a few nice pieces of scenery and furniture appearing in the Harry Potter Lego calendar and the charm bracelets look good, I’m liking the different types of jewellery in the Friends one as well.

I’m wondering if you’d rather I do my daily posts or do slightly bigger ones every few days, do you guys have any preference? I’ll have to do that a couple of times anyway but in between would daily posts be better? I might have a few non advent ones before Christmas as well.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post, I’d love to hear about your Christmas preparations too. You can find me on social media @thoughtfulpigeon on Instagram or @thoughtfulpige1 on twitter.

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